New And Improved Five Gum Ipod Case( FOR NANO 3G)

Tomcat94 Recently Posted An Ipod Case Made OF A Five Gum Wrapper. Well I Decided To Make Something Similar, But For An Ipod Nano.
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ToxSick135 years ago
this is the same thing as tomcat94's tut
merkalation6 years ago
haha sloppy joe
Could you please, please, edit this so that Every Word Isn't Capatalised For Every Step Like This Example Is ?

Cisneros.Evan (author)  TheShawMaestro6 years ago
I'm Sorry, It's Just Something I Do. I Don't Know Why But Just As Soon As I Hit The Space Key I Automatically Hit The Shift Key. It's Not How Its Written Its The Idea That Is Brought Forth From The Writing.
Cisneros.Evan (author)  Cisneros.Evan6 years ago
Also, At Least It Is Legible. Would You Rather My Instructable Contain This: Ye Dawg Den Ju Juzt Gotza Cutz Dah Hole Den U Gotza Bzt Ipawd Caze Around Dah Town, Oh Ye Sorray Abaut Dah Capitalization, Itz Juzt Da Habbbbitt! Yee Boiiiiii H0llarz Baxxxx
Maybe you should edit because "capitalised" is spelled capitalized.
Sorry about capitalised being spelt incorrectly. The 'a' was a spelling mistake, but I am not American, so I use 'ised' instead of 'ized'. Also, I actually think there is a rule against capitalisation. We all learned it when we were in primary school.

Sorry if this goes against the 'be nice' policy, but I really need to say my true thoughts on this matter.
Well if you're not american, this is America where I am and it's different then where you are.
Cisneros.Evan (author)  TheShawMaestro6 years ago
I Really Don't See Why It's A Big Deal. I Don't Do It When I Write Papers On Pen And All Of My Professors Know About It So They Don't Score Me Poorly Due To It. I Just Don't Think There Is A Reason To Flame Other People For The Way They Type.
I'm not trying to flame! I'm just saying that it's a bit annoying.
What's wrong with doing so. There's no law or rule. Don't be so picky.
People either forget to capitalize or in this rare case feel the need to capitalize every word possible. I dislike the fact that people think the internet uses a simpler form of their native language(s).
theburn76 years ago
Tomcat946 years ago
Nicely done. Great Spin-Off of the original idea. Even though I stated in my previous instructable that i was going to do this, i guess i wont need to anymore. :)
That's awesome! I haven't seen Tomcat's yet, but I'm gonna go check it out right now.