Picture of New Arc Reactor (studio replica)
My attempt at a more authentic replica of the iron man arc reactor.
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Step 1:

Picture of
started with copper, but it became too flimsy...  so i tried a thicker piece of aluminum instead

Step 2: Starting to wind the coils

Picture of Starting to wind the coils

Step 3: Inner ring

just punched a piece of aluminum with a punch press, then drilled and filled all the oval holes by hand, then made all the other little parts by hand

Step 4: More parts

Picture of more parts
made the copper brackets using an etching machine.

Then got a scrap pcb, cut it into a circle and hot glued some components onto it.

Step 5: Intial assembly

Picture of intial assembly
I used some magnet wire to hold it all together at first before i glued it all up.

Step 6: Time for Lights

Chose to go with White LEDs this time.

Step 7: Now it just needs a display box

oh, I still have to do the wires connecting the coils. .  . .

Step 8: Parts and cost estimate

Picture of Parts and cost estimate
--The only part that was manufactured by an actual program and machine were these two bracket pieces.  The cost to make these outside for the average builder could be difficult to price. I was fortunate to know some one who could do it for me. I drew out a rough sketch and just kinda eyeballed the two.  I did use card stock paper to make templates first, to see how to size everything.
--The rest of the parts were just found in scrap piles i have laying around from other projects, and circuit boards that i scrounge parts from.
--The acrylic i used can be purchased or ordered online at any plastics/acrylics site.   Because of the size of the pieces, they shouldn't cost too much.  I got mine from home depot. I made my acrylic ring by first cutting a circle out, then drilled lots of holes on the inside, and then just sanded and polished till it was to my liking.
--total cost i would guess under $100, depending on how much you scrounge and can find.
--Also above is a pic of the Led circuit that i built, using a 9volt battery as my power source.
AshleyH31 month ago

What are the materials used for the arc reactor and the costs of it?

You need or someone needs to explain more what it actually is. I'm presuming a mock up of a prop from the movie IRON MAN called an 'Arc Reactor' (whatever that is) that lights up with LEDs. Am correct? - What was/is it's supposed function in the movie?
Or am I way off the mark - hence why I ask!!

The arc reactor in the iron man movie runs on palladium(later vibranium) and can generate clean electricity to power his iron man suit. The tech doesn't yet exist in reality but many people still try to make a replica of the prop since it looks really cool
sajiya9 months ago
naive and how dose work it
rajat14801 sajiya2 months ago
u suck

This is awesome. If you have blueprints that you could send me that would be awesome.

it is only mentioned how to make it and not thqt how it work
it's amazing .. can I have the blue prints please
ponylane1 year ago
Im from argentina and i think i can find all the things i need to build one. But Could you send me the blue prints? Thanks
Hey! Could you send me this blueprints, please?

Thanks you.
Iggybigee1 year ago
Where did you get the acrylic rings and what kind of copper product did you use for the brackets and how can I cut them without the etching machine?
ljochoam1 year ago
valcider1 year ago
Very well done!
Nice one....Xd
LITTLEski1 year ago
Wow this is awesome!
mark12701 year ago
Awesome job!
Duck210 (author) 1 year ago
thanks for all the comments, i hope this update helps a little more. I think it took about 16 hours on and off to make, and i spent about 2 weeks to do this.
vilasan1 year ago
Nice work !
Schappell1 year ago
Awesome! Please post a parts list!
jholcomb31 year ago
So this isn't really how to make one. Its just showing how to assemble stuff that you ether purchased or made...
Should I make space for it in my chest before or after getting it? Being serious, it looks awesome! I'll just have to stick to the suit holding it!
brunoip1 year ago
where did you get the acrillic ring
Th33rdMan1 year ago
Can you post measurements and the item list?
superuber1 year ago
very nice. could you sell one?
can you post the measurements please
can you post the measurements please
Very good work you could definitely sell these!
plafrance1 year ago
Any chance you might sell one of these?
sonicdrive1 year ago
very cool love the work you did on it then only thing i would do in a respectfully suggestion is in the center use a piece of defusing light sheet like out of a old flat screen and spreed the light under the screen to make it more even. again respectfully
Iron man!!!! Take that out of your chest it's killing you!!
EdisonGuo1 year ago
Iwanna make one during this summer. But I'm wondering if I've time to do thAt...
Attempt?! This is a perfect replica!
spyder20211 year ago
projects like this can never be done to many tImes. great job
Honus1 year ago
Wow- that turned out really nice!!
Duck210 (author)  Honus1 year ago