New Assault Rifle





Introduction: New Assault Rifle

This is my new assault rifle. It was built over the weekend and has some cool features.

It has ironman69's rails, allowing for scopes, sights, etc. I have made a curved stock for it.

I haven't been able to test it (I need to find some #64's and make a magazine (ironman69's) for it. The gun is very powerful due to the new low-friction barrel I designed (unless it's been done before, but I've never seen a gun posted with this new barrel). It's more of a mod of the Y-connector barrel, but still. It's low friction.

I have been testing it using the big gray rods and 2 #32 bands, and it's gotten 30-40 feet with just that. It'll get a lot more with #64's and a magazine with smaller bullets.

I can post if you guys want me to.



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    looks great and can u please post oh and bye the way on the MK2000 if u load up on bands its hard to pull the trigger and the ram rod doesnt make contact on the bullet and i was wondering if this gun is the same (no offence) but plz plz plz post it .

    Post! Post! Post!

    please post

    I'm modding it right now. I'll post pictures later and might post.

    Cool, i like the sleek looks u create.

    For some strange reason, it reminds me of a H&K G11.