Introduction: New! Blade and Multi Tool Collection

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If you have seen my earlier weapon collection, you can obviously tell some new stuff has come in. But also some things have stayed. If I get 50 favorites, I will do a ranged weapon collection!

Step 1: Throwing Knives.

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These are my HIBBEN CUSTOM DESIGNED throwing knives and I am very glad about the strength and easiness of throwing abilities. I recommend them to anyone who wants to learn to throw knives, but at the same time have inexpensive, great knives.

Step 2: Single Knife.

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For a knife that is sharp, full tang construction, and old. There is no other knife I would rather have, especially since it was handed down through my family.

Step 3: Deer Cleaning Kit

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RMEF makes great knives. Check this set out and maybe buy one if you are looking for incredibly sharp blades.

Step 4: Hatchet and Knife

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These were hand made by my great grandfather and handed down through the family. Nothing to say except for I love this set.

Step 5: Pocket Knife (EDC)

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A small and fang shaped, half serrated blade that is great for the price of $2.50! Check them out at your local army/navy store.

Step 6: Main Multi Tool

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Best multitool for the price. ($30) It comes with a steady sheath and built in flashlight. Spring loaded pliers with small serrations for extra grip.

Step 7: Small Fisher Man's Tool

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Nail clippers, scaling knife, and hook. Nice for the size and weight.

Step 8: Eddie Bauer Multi Flash Tool

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This is a cool flashlight multi tool combo. I recommend this to anyone who likes small cheap multi tools.

Step 9: Very Small EDC Pocket Knife, Not Many Tools But Good for Every Day Things.

Picture of Very Small EDC Pocket Knife,  Not Many Tools But Good for Every Day Things.

Tiny Swiss Army multi tool with enough functions to make me buy another. I recommend this to someone who wants a multitool, that is a great brand, but doesn't want to spend much.


MMB Survivor (author)2014-07-09

I am sorry for this not being a DIY, I like to share my stuff on instructables. I am sorry if this upset you.

Dakota Joel98 (author)2014-08-05

Do you make any weapons, or just collect?


nathanwide (author)2014-07-08

This is not an instructable telling someone how to do something , flagging as spam

MMB Survivor (author)2014-07-07

Sorry for the mistake, I meant 20 favorites!

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