Picture of New Breakthrough in portrait photography
Five kinds of scenes to show personality.
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Step 1: 1. Long shot photographing has artistic conception

Picture of 1. Long shot photographing has artistic conception
Photograph from a long distance of the subject distant, which comprises large range of the scene. The long shot mainly makes nature as performance. The long shot portrait always has advantages in environmental atmosphere, show complex characteristics, location, background situation, climate change and so on.
The structure of long shot scene should start from a grand vision, pay attention to the overall momentum, deal with the relationship between the environment and characters, as shown in the above scene, the unique colors and lines in the factory forms a stark contrast ballet dancer.

Step 2: 2. Panoramic photography is spectacular

Picture of 2. Panoramic photography is spectacular
The panoramic photography is purposed to show the panorama of a scene and the environment, and uses the panorama to explain the relationship between environment and the main events and the surrounding environment. Panoramic has clear center of content. As shown in the above chart, there are many people in the hall, which shows environmental chaos of the scene.
When we photograph we should pay attention to the inherent characteristics of the subject’s overall contour lines, and the echoes relationship between the subject and the surrounding environment in order to reach content’s rich and the structure completeness.

Step 3: 3. Medium shot photographing has dynamic

Picture of 3. Medium shot photographing has dynamic
Medium shot photographing is purposed to an event or object has expressive performance, shows character’s blowing hair and make it become emotional the visual focus as well as exchanges and contacts between people with hair and hand .
The medium shot often has advantage in action episode, the environment is relegated to a secondary position, if it is static object, it takes the most interesting and attractive part, as the medium shot of photographing stage, gestures and movements of the characters often are the main part of the scene.

Step 4: 4. Close shot photographing is vivid

Picture of 4. Close shot photographing is vivid
Close shot mainly highlights character’s expression or the delicate texture of objects.
For close shot of portrait, the facial expression is the main content of the scene, the eyes become the center of the scene, so in close shot you have to deal with the eyes light. Make good use of light in the close shot photographing to show the texture of the object.