Ever get confused by GMT, or just wish you had a cooler way to keep track of time?  Build a New Earth Time clock!  Using a PIC microcontroller, some code, and a couple discrete parts, you too can have a unique timekeeping device to keep on your desk.

New Earth Time (NET) is an idea for a global time standard.  Like Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), it is the same "New Earth Time" everywhere on the globe at any instant.  Unlike GMT, NET counts time in Degrees and Minutes so as to not be confused with your local time (which is still counted the same way you're used to).  You can read all about how New Earth Time works at their website, newearthtime.net .

It seems like a cool idea to me, and what better way to support the idea than to build a clock and start using New Earth Time!  

Step 1: Parts

You can see my prototype NET clock in the picture to get an idea of what's involved.

1x - PIC16F627A Microcontroller
1x - 32.768kHz Crystal (Mouser 815-AB26T-32.768KHZ or equivalent)
2x - 22pF Ceramic Capacitor (or 1x 22pF and 1x 0-56pF Variable capacitor for tuning)
4x - 10k Resistor
7x - 100 Ohm Resistor
1x - 4.7k Resistor
5x - 1k Resistor
5x - 2n3904 Transistor
5x - Common Cathode 7-segment Display (Mouser 512-MAN6980 or equivalent)
2x - SPST Momentary pushbutton switch
1x - Round LED, modified as described in Step 2 (Making the degrees LED)

5V Power source (Wall adapter, or 9V battery regulated down with an LM7805 Regulator)

Case (My case came from an old electric blanket thermostat.  I love the cool retro-modern look about it)
Breadboard or Perfboard to construct the circuitry
Hookup Wire
A little bit of Heatshrink (the size of your LED) and a Sharpie Marker.

PIC Programmer 

Cool project! <br>The case you used is sooo nice. Can you tell me where to get it? <br>
Hey there - Thanks for the comment! I have to admit, it is a pretty cool case :) It came from an old electric blanket controller, so the best I can say is to keep an eye out on Ebay, thrift stores, and garage sales... I have been lucky enough to find two of them so far, so they are out there.
I would love to make one but I am having a hard time reading the schematic. Do you have a larger one or a file that I can download and look at in eagle?
Hi WakeUpWolfgang! I'm about 6 months late, but I figure better late than never. <br /> <br />If you hover your mouse over my schematic picture, you will see an &quot; i &quot; in a square at the upper left corner of the picture. Click this box, and it will take you to a link where you can download the original size (and very legible) schematic.
New earth time is the angle of the earth based on coordinated universal time, so its basically 24 hours divided into 360 degree hour type things. If it shows 180 degrees on net time then is noon utc
thats neat..
it's really a cool new idea<br>why didn't you enter the clocks challenge ?

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