New Generation of Knex Guns




Introduction: New Generation of Knex Guns

extremely unique gun of mine is gonna revolutionize knex gun design. the system is under the trigger including the pin and mag.  its powerful, has a good mech, sturdy and a good mag. there is nothin as far as i can tell that compares to it. i will be posting the instructable soon so dont even ask about it just rate it high



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    Conventional design weapons were designed the way they were for a reason, so you can aim them. But good concept.

    Permission to take this idea and try and make one myself?

    sure just give credit and whenposted give me a link

    Not very practical. It's cool and all but...what's the point? Just to do? I'm sure someone else could have made one if they really wanted to. Here's an idea. Try this out if you want/can. Give it a magazine feeding from the top instead and give it pump action. The result will be a somewhat compact pump action gun. Then the top of the gun could be open for adding like a sling shot or single shot pin gun for range. Then you have one weapon for speed and the other for range all in one package.

    i like the part of the gun on top i thought of that but didnt, and was mainly for the new style but is fairly practacle

    all ur guns r epic! 5*

    haha lol

    So this is pretty much just a gun with a handle above the body of the gun? Sweet.

    nice looks a bit to complex for me