If you have built Adamsdead shotgun ( if not click here for the instructable ) you will have noticed that the hopper is really, really , really bad. It jams takes way to long to load and breaks. But In this instructable I will teach you how to build a new better non- jamming hopper. Special thanks to Hack124x768 for the base model of the hopper.

Scope, Pump, Bigger hopper and some other stuff now added!!

Check it out!

The people who made this are jackster57, dsman1, and adamsdead is in the collaboration.

If you have any mods PM me and show me them. If there good enough ill add you to the collaboration to post it.

Step 1: The Piece List

To build the hopper you will need the pieces in the pic below and also the shotgun with the hopper removed.
i cant get mine to work
Yeha Srry I made a mod when I collaborate for u ill add in the barrel mod. =D<br/>
do you want my to post my hopper?
ahh. first pic disipared.
love the big ger hoppeer
for the hopper, for the like 14 other rgey one slot connectors, instead can i use orange connectors aswell?
Nope. Orange connectors are slightly bigger so the rods will not fit into the breach
what breach?
I like the mods, 5*
What new barrel are you talking about?
the one thats new
pump mod makes it worse lol
i havecreated some more better mods and thes are at
<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Adamsdead_shotgun_30/">https://www.instructables.com/id/Adamsdead_shotgun_30/</a><br/>
Did you notice that this gun has NO exotic pieces. The trigger system was hard but im awesome. >.<
Yeha Its a great instrucatable and a great gun
Thx man. <sub>(Btw its my first knex gun instructable.)</sub><br/>
i made it and its the best gun ive made yet
that is NOT new. it was modded from the osnjckma2
I know i said special thanks to Hack124x768 for the base model.... if u read it you would have seen it...
i saw that im just saying that even the whole gun is based off of his
i know... if YOU read, you would see that i said you MODDED it...
True, but it's still cool, haha.
lol adamsdead's shotgun uses lots of the osnjckma2's features, and your hopper is quite similar to the osnjckma2's. i just find that funny
sorry my hopper holds around 20 and never jams. but good job. i tried this on mine before i made the hopper i have now. mine was horibal good job.
when i first saw this i thought it was talking about adamsdead's rifle, wich i had been waiting for a hopper on.

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