Step 3: The 2 Swingable Arms

This hopper is for both lefties and righties so it opens from both sides. Just make both swingable arms from the pics.
i cant get mine to work
Yeha Srry I made a mod when I collaborate for u ill add in the barrel mod. =D<br/>
do you want my to post my hopper?
ahh. first pic disipared.
love the big ger hoppeer
for the hopper, for the like 14 other rgey one slot connectors, instead can i use orange connectors aswell?
Nope. Orange connectors are slightly bigger so the rods will not fit into the breach
what breach?
I like the mods, 5*
What new barrel are you talking about?
the one thats new
pump mod makes it worse lol
i havecreated some more better mods and thes are at
<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Adamsdead_shotgun_30/">https://www.instructables.com/id/Adamsdead_shotgun_30/</a><br/>
Did you notice that this gun has NO exotic pieces. The trigger system was hard but im awesome. >.<
Yeha Its a great instrucatable and a great gun
Thx man. <sub>(Btw its my first knex gun instructable.)</sub><br/>
i made it and its the best gun ive made yet
that is NOT new. it was modded from the osnjckma2
I know i said special thanks to Hack124x768 for the base model.... if u read it you would have seen it...
i saw that im just saying that even the whole gun is based off of his
i know... if YOU read, you would see that i said you MODDED it...
True, but it's still cool, haha.
lol adamsdead's shotgun uses lots of the osnjckma2's features, and your hopper is quite similar to the osnjckma2's. i just find that funny
sorry my hopper holds around 20 and never jams. but good job. i tried this on mine before i made the hopper i have now. mine was horibal good job.
when i first saw this i thought it was talking about adamsdead's rifle, wich i had been waiting for a hopper on.

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