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Introduction: New Idea of Electric Train

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this is a new type of train inspired from the idea of Mr.Arvind Gupta but the difference is that it is not running one neodymium magnets but a simple magnet covered with aluminium foil due to less availability of neodymium magnets it works by the basic mechanism of electric motor as the magnets are conducting they will conduct electricity from cell to bare copper wire spring and this will led the cell with magnets to revolve and when it will revolve due to the circular spring it moves forward revolving

Step 1: Making Magnets

take two equal sized magnets and cover them with aluminium foil to conduct electricity

Step 2: Making Tunnel

take bare copper wire and roll around a stick to form a long narrow spring

Step 3: How to Let It Move

arrange as shown in image and here we go!

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    arvind gupta is a fabulous person,,,,, he is inspiration of many many kids,,, for really making working science project from thrash,, jus by making his project one can learn science core concept ,,, u seem to be physicst

    Could we have a video of it running? Please.

    i already know about it and yes it works on same principle but that cannot work as train and tunnel

    Is it a linear version of a homopolar motor? (The homopolar motor is a popular demonstration; search for it on Instructables or YouTube if you're not familiar with it.) this is the link the video is not mine but is similar to my instructable

    I'd love to see a video of this in action!