Introduction: New Idea for Jewelry Making- How to Make a Beaded Flower Link Chain Necklace

Today, we have a new idea for jewelry making. Do you like beaded necklace? Here is a tutorial on how to make beaded flower link chain necklace. If you are a jewelry lover, I'm sure you will like this beaded flower link chain necklace very much. It's so charming and special, and also make you elegant when wearing it. Prepare the materials and tools, follow my instruction and try to make one.

Step 1: Materials and Tools Needed in the Beaded Flower Link Chain Necklace:

Brass Bead Caps

Brass Jump Rings

White Pearl Beads

Jade Beads Strands

Brass Round Beads

Cat Eye Beads

Brass Chain

Nickel Free Iron Eyepins

Brass Ball Headpins

A Set of Three Pliers

DIY Jewelry Tool Sets

Step 2: Thread the First Flower Beaded Pattern

1st, string a yellow jade bead and 5 brass round beads on a tiger wire, and thread the left tiger wire across the brass round bead on the right side;

2nd, string 5 brass round beads on the right tiger wire, and thread the right tiger wire across the brass round bead under the jade bead, then we finish the first flower beaded pattern.

Step 3: Make Another 4 Beaded Flower Patterns and Stick Them to Five About 18mm Brass Bead Caps.

Step 4: ​Add Beaded Pendant to the Five Beaded Flower Patterns

1st, string a 8mm cat eye bead, a 8mm brass bead cap, a brass round bead and a 6mm white pearl bead on five headpins separately;

2nd, hang these five beaded pendants on under the five beaded flower patterns.

Step 5: Link the Five Beaded Flower Patterns With 6 Pieces of Brass Chains

Step 6: Make 8 Small Beaded Chains

1st, string a 8mm cat eye bead, a 8mm brass bead cap, a brass round bead, a 8mm brass bead cap, a 8mm cat eye bead on 8 iron eyepins;

2nd, cut off the excessive eyepins and bend a loop on the top sides.

Step 7: Add These 8 Small Beaded Chains to the Two Ends of the Beaded Flower Chain and Use a Lobster Clasp to Link Them Together.

Step 8: Add Two Brass Chains Between Every Two Beaded Flower Patterns

Step 9: The Final Look of the Beaded Flower Link Chain Necklace:

Wow, such a beautiful necklace, it looks like may worth millions of dollars. I believe that every girl dream to own such a precious necklace and it makes them look like elegant princess. In fact, you can use not much money to buy these materials and tools, then follow my instructions and you will own such a treasure.


kathynv (author)2016-05-24

Very nice, and also very nice of you to show us all the steps. Component necklaces always look wonderful, are much easier than they look to make, and can be made as time allows. I like to make beaded components and throw them in a container, and assemble the necklaces whenever I have some spare time. Great Instructable, and thank you.

Simran Sharma (author)2016-01-26

Awesome necklace

Omnivent (author)2016-01-17


DasiyD (author)Omnivent2016-01-17

You can have a try, friend!

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