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My ideas on an new Instructable website.
Kiteman3 years ago
This should be a forum topic, and you should PM a link to that topic to one of the HQ staffers.
Blechmen (author)  Kiteman3 years ago
oh ok well this is the first time i have made one of these like not something you build and how would i pm someone
Don't worry about it, we can see this just fine.

Some of your ideas are great. You've presented them in a very professional manner, which is unusual enough to draw me out of my little cave long enough to reply.

We'll definitely take this into consideration as we plan out the site layout and interface features. I can't promise we'll directly use any of the ideas you presented as those features are dictated by both user necessity and the other needs of the site, but I do see your overall objective. The message you're communicating with these design suggestions is that you'd like a better contest voting interface and some dashboard style data & stats following you around the site.

We do integrate input like this into our design deliberations, so please feel free to continue suggesting ideas. In the future it would be better to present ideas like this in a forum topic, as Kiteman suggests.

Thanks for the input! I'll let you know if we can integrate any of your ideas!
Blechmen (author)  dworley3 years ago
I also just thought of something on an ible their should be a to make button beside the favorite button then you go and see what you still have too make.
Blechmen (author)  dworley3 years ago
Haha thanks and i did make a forum topic too!
Kiteman dworley3 years ago
(Nice to see a direct response from HQ)