New K'nex Machine Gun Type





Introduction: New K'nex Machine Gun Type

This is a machine gun made up of k'nex. It shoots pretty far and is fun to use. It has a firering rate of 6,7, or 8 rounds per second. Build it and try it, it's a very fun gun. By the way, I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT YOU DO WITH THIS GUN!!

Step 1: The Chain

This chain shoots gren pegs. The chain are made up of small shooting devices. You can as much as you want if you have the pieces to build them. The chain links are from another instructable from somebody else. These links are equiped with a little device that holds the green pegs in place. The big black cylinder is a D cell battery to help to pull down the chain when it goes through the gun. It's taped to a yellow peg which is for me a gold peg.

Step 2: The Back Plate

This is the plate on the back of the gun.

Step 3: The Back Middle Section

This is the back middle part. This is were the back handle is attached and were the extra wire is wind up on golden pegs

Step 4: The Front Middle Part

This is the front middle part. This is were you put your motor, whichcan be taken off easily if you need your motor for another construction. Observe the images carefuly and watch how the orange triangles are place to know how the module is orientated.

Step 5: The Front Section

This is the section that have the front handle

Step 6: The Motor Controller Handle

This is the module were you put your Motor Controller. You may not have a controller like mine so you will have to find out a way to install your controler on the gun

Step 7: The Chain Wheel

This is the wheel that make move the chain and make it enter the gun

Step 8: The Trays for the Chain

These are trays that help the chain to go straight when it enters and leaves the gun.

Step 9: The Final Assembly

Follow carefuly the steps and pay close attention at the images.

Step 10: The Final Assembly #2

Same thing here! Once the gun finish, load the chain, load it in the gun, and have fun!!!



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    Just got some chain links, modded this with a blender motor, emptied it in about...2 seconds?

    18 replies

    I used a a old car motor on a 963 bullet chain
    (yes i have that many Knex) it emptied in 000.3 Millerseconds

    Right. "Millerseconds".

    yeah miler seconds acept i got th number wrong it ws actully 36 millerseconds
    on a ferrari moter

    Really now. "Millerseconds" isn't a unit of time. And how would you have a Ferrari motor, about 3 feet high and 3 feet long, attached to a 6-inch long plastic weapon? Be reasonable in your fabrications, man. Otherwise, you just insult the intelligence of everyone who reads your post. Besides that, someone with a name like "i like cheese" and who spells and uses punctuation like a 9-year-old, I don't think you would have access to a sports car engine.

    Yes actully millerseconds is a measurement of
    Time. My dad has a ferrari and I attach it to the
    Front wheel. Yeah and for someone who has a
    Name like doctor weird and uses spelling like a nerd
    Shouldent even be allowed on this site and I'm using
    My iPod touch to type so go away I don't lke u

    I looked it up, couldn't find anything on a "millersecond". Sorry, try again. Also, "Like a nerd" is a derogatory term commonly used by someone of inferior intelligence to refer to something or someone of superior intelligence, so I won't let that bother me. And DrWeird is from a television show, while i like cheese reflects nothing but brain-dead stupidity. So, your father lets you use his car, running and burning his $3.00/gallon gasoline to discharge a novelty weapon? And to access the front gear would require removing the front bumper, and I highly doubt he allows you to do that. And I shouldn't be allowed on this site? ALLOWED? There was nothing like your snaggletooth random analysis of me (based off of a retort to your outrageous claim, might I add) in the Terms of Use I agreed to when I joined. And you pretty much just described that you have a bias to this site's members that says they're all ignorant, illiterate nerds. Haha, wow.

    maybe this will tell you what a millisecond is.A millisecond (from milli- and second; abbreviation: ms) is a thousandth (1/1,000) of a second.[1]

    10 milliseconds (a hundredth of a second) are called a centisecond.

    There are 86400000 (24×60×60×10×10×10) milliseconds in one day.

    To help compare orders of magnitude of different times, this page lists times between 10−3 seconds and 100 seconds (1 millisecond and one second). See also times of other orders of magnitude.

    ■1 millisecond (1 ms) — cycle time for frequency 1 kHz; duration of light for typical photo flash strobe; time taken for sound wave to travel ca. 34 cm; repetition interval of GPS C/A PN code
    ■1.000692286 milliseconds — time taken for light to travel 300 km in a vacuum
    ■2.27 milliseconds — cycle time for the A above middle C in music (440 Hz); if a tuning device for musical instruments generates just one tone, it is probably this tone
    ■3 milliseconds — a housefly's wing flap
    ■4 milliseconds — typical average seek time for a 10,000 rpm hard disk
    ■5 milliseconds — a honey bee's wing flap
    ■8 milliseconds — 1/125 of a second (125), a standard camera shutter speed; fastest shifting time of a car's mechanical transmission
    ■10 milliseconds (10 ms) — cycle time for frequency 100 Hz
    ■11 milliseconds — the latency on a spektrum Dx7SE radio
    ■16.7 milliseconds (1/60 second)– a third. Also called a jiffy. Cycle time for American 60 Hz AC mains grid
    ■20 milliseconds — cycle time for European 50 Hz AC mains grid
    ■33.3 milliseconds — the amount of time one frame lasts in 30fps video
    ■41.708 milliseconds — the amount of time one frame lasts in 24fps video or film (actually 23.976fps for most films.)
    ■50 milliseconds — cycle time for the lowest audible tone, 20 Hz
    ■60 milliseconds — cycle time for European 16.7 Hz AC electrified railroad power grid
    ■62.5 milliseconds — a sixty-fourth note at MM = 60
    ■30 to 100 milliseconds — typical minimum latency for a broadband internet connection (important for online gaming)
    ■125 milliseconds — a thirty-second note at MM = 60
    ■134 milliseconds — time taken by light to travel around the Earth's equator
    ■150 milliseconds — recommended maximum time delay for telephone service
    ■200 milliseconds — the time it takes the human brain to recognize emotion in facial expressions
    ■250 milliseconds — recommended maximum time delay for a computer terminal or web page
    ■250 milliseconds — an approximate average of the round trip time for communications via geosynchronous satellites
    ■250 milliseconds — a sixteenth note at MM = 60
    ■430 to 500 milliseconds — common modern dance music tempos (120 - 140 BPM)
    ■300 to 400 milliseconds — the blink of a human eye
    ■400 milliseconds — time in which the fastest baseball pitches reach the strike zone
    ■500 milliseconds — an eighth note at MM = 60
    ■860 milliseconds — average human resting heart rate
    ■1000 milliseconds — one second
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    secoond is...

    Rather than use common courtesy and state that you made a highly confusing error in your spelling, you copied and pasted from the page for Millisecond (all of that information is highly interesting, though), not even ADDRESSING your blatant error. I don't care that you made a mistake--nobody's perfect. But it's a matter of principle that you didn't address and compensate for it. Secondly, you declared that the torque of the Ferrari engine dramatically increased the rate of fire and you clocked the gun's ROF at "36 millerseconds". Now, here's why I find that hard to believe. Most stopwatches that are capable of displaying increments of time in milliseconds are not usually commercially available. Perhaps from a science catalog, but that's about as in-reach to the civilian as it gets. Furthermore, it would be nearly impossible to stop it with human muscle power at EXACTLY 36 milliseconds while still maintaining precision. A computer program would probably make it easier and would also pull it farther out of civilian availability. Thirdly, you didn't respond to my argument that your father would probably not let you dismantle his car and burn $3.00 of gas just to fire a novelty gun a few times. Your indifference towards that rationalization, in my opinion, tips the needle much farther toward my end of the debate, wouldn't you say?

    I didn't dismantle the car and ive already told you
    I'm using my iPod touch and it has a extremely precise
    Stop watch

    You didn't dismantle it? Then how else would you get to the engine's front gear to attach it to the gun? And still, what about the gas situation?

    And like I said, a computer program, infinitely accurate. I don't care how precise the stopwatch is. It's all about human response time. Equality of the precision? Nonexistent.

    Firstly I didn't use the front gear I used the front wheel
    Secondly I paid him for the gas
    Thirdly I filmed the gun firing and put it on my iPod
    And used a speed cam app to measure the time limit

    Ah, you used the front WHEEL, not the front gear. Okay. I understand now. So, now you're telling me that the front axle's diameter is equivalent to the orifice of a K'Nex connector? That's about 2-3 inches. The hole in the K'Nex connector is not even one. How would you get that to work?

    Oh, you have video proof? Well, I'll eat a Ferrari axle and wash it down with the last of the fuel if you post it somewhere on the Internet. :P

    Okay I usesed some heavy duty copper
    Wire and wrapped it round the conector and
    The axle sorry but I DONT have any video proof

    Oh and before I foreget sorry for calling you a nerd
    But you do have superior intellegence...

    Okay, then. I believe you now that you explained it all. Blenders are more simple and cost-effective though. :P

    Bah, I couldn't care less about being called a nerd. No harm done.

    Phew I think that was the logest discussion on
    Instructibles let's do an even longer one I powered this
    Knex machine gun with a rocket what's your reply
    To that?

    Actually, look up "portal gun" in the search up there. You'd be surprised.

    I'll take you up on this offer to surpass the comment count;

    How would you power it by rocket fuel? Do you have any idea how hot that burns? Enough to melt the steel in the World Trade Center towers into free-flowing liquid. Imagine what it would do to polyethylene rods and connectors. Come on, now.

    if you could find a way to have the heat be deflected or transfered into a different direction (maybe an open back and the rocket near the back too?) and anyways, the rockets accelaeratio time would leave little time to heat the plastic, in the end you'd have melted k'nex if you shot it too often, but one shot would pretty much just melt the rear pieces together

    Not to mention you could propel it with rubber bands for a first stage, getting it away from the gun, then it fires, safely removing the possibility of melted figure out how to make it have a delay time when launched...

    you sir or ma'am have a superior intelligence. you argue so mathematically!