New K'nex Roller Coaster Propulsion System

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Introduction: New K'nex Roller Coaster Propulsion System

This is a new K'nex Roller Coaster propulsion system that uses 2 wheels instead of using a chain. Very practicle. These steps will show you how to build the main part, then you add it to your roller coaster. It uses 2 motor. For me I have one that always run- on motors(left) and one that is remote (right) but you can put 2 run-on motor also.

Step 1: The Support Base

Make this! This is the base that support the tracks. You may not have to build that if you just want to add it to your roller coaster.

Step 2: The Tracks

This is how the tracks need to be made, but you can modify it to fit on your roller coaster.

Step 3: The Motor Assembly #1

This step is to make the frame of the two motor assembly. You need to make four of them.

Step 4: The Motor Assembly #2

Here you add the motors, wheels, rods and spacers to build the propulsion module. LOOK CAREFULLY

Step 5: Assembly #1

In this assembly, you have to connect the motors to the tracks.

Step 6: The Final Assembly

Now install the track on the base support, add elastics to pull the motors upwards, install the tubing on the tracks, and you're ready to go.

If the wheel don't grip the wagon adjust the elastics to be tighter.



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    i didnt look carefully

    Can I connect this coaster with other packs?

    Duh, Thats what it's for.

    nice other than the video not working. i might have to do something similar for the coaster im currently working on. but first i have to buy more tack so i can actually finish it. at the moment it's 2.20 meters tall (7 foot 2.5 inches).

    Finally, an interesting k'nex instructable. There's a first time for everything. Good job.

    Are you trying to confuse us or are you actually saying something nice?

    No, I'm not trying to confuse you. It's genuinely refreshing to see a k'nex instructable that's not a crappy gun. I say plenty of nice things, just not usually on K'nex related...anything.