New K' Nex Disc Launcher ! " D-52 "





Introduction: New K' Nex Disc Launcher ! " D-52 "

About: I ' m 12 and I French . I create crazy but small K'nex guns or something in K'nex ... I love Zelda on Wii or other warfare games . My best Kn'ex gun are : FFRS 001 ( Sligshot Sniper ) , V.G.N 013 ( Automatic...

Hello !

This is my " D-52 " .
Other person create a same gun , but it' s mine version ...
This is a K'nex disc launcher with a mag for 8 ammo !
The design is very good and reload is very easy , but it use a lot of pieces ...

Please comment !

( Sorry for my bad english , but I'm French and I'm 12 ... )

- Guiguivinvin -



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    The instcutions coming soon , I'm creating the instrcutions , but it's a long work ...
    But it's true you doesn't need instructions you can see on the picture : the system with the trigger isn't very difficult , is it ?

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    Great gun, I really love that simple trigger!

    Its a good idea, but you need to fix the handle and trigger.

    Pretty cool but the body could be designed better. Start with fixing the handle and trigger.

    for this gun you doesnt need instructions you can see how you can make it or arent people that smart!

    This is Amazing. This Had better get Instrucions or im going to go APE!!!

    Are you planning on creating a full instructable on how to make it?

    Very Cool! :D

    Now THAT is clever ladies and gentlemen!