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Hello everyone this is an update on my new ball machine. At the moment it has 3 out of 14 paths completed but building has momentarily stopped due to lack of pieces ;) These pictures show its development over the last 6 months from the very first lift to how it stands in my room now while I am writing this. A video preview of the ball machine should be out soon (If my computer decides to work). It should hopefully be completed within the summer of 2015 and I will post a video of the whole thing working and another instructable on it so stay tuned ;)

Thanks to Shadowman for the lift and path separator and all the other knexers for inspiration I hope you all enjoy it.

-Northern Fields-

P.S if anybody can think of a name for it please comment because I have absolutely no clue what to call it ;P

Step 1: Getting Bigger...

Picture of Getting Bigger...

In these pictures the framework begins to get larger and I have created a white connector flooring for the main lift. No paths or real path separators have been made but there is another small chain lift in front of my window

Step 2: Paths Starting

Picture of Paths Starting

In these pictures I have started on paths but most noticeable of all is that I have lengthened the frame work so it goes completely over my window and the chain lift is now nearer to my bed. Unfortuneately, because the frame work is longer it has sagged so after this I have supported it better.

Step 3: First 3 Paths Done

Picture of First 3 Paths Done

This is the stage I am up to now I hope you enjoy the pictures ;P


www139 (author)2015-05-16

Wow. That's huge!

NorthernF (author)www1392015-05-17

Thanks, its going to keep getting bigger though ;D

www139 (author)NorthernF2015-05-17

:D can't wait for it to be finished! How many pieces do you have appx.?

Knex2thelimit (author)2015-05-08

Wow! Just saw that you posted the new paths, very nice! Still don't think I have enough parts ;)

NorthernF (author)Knex2thelimit2015-05-17

hahaha me too I have got some more coming tho so hopefully Ill be able to get the paths all finished by the end of summer ;)

sandroknexmaster (author)2015-02-16

That flooring looks beautiful, keep up the good work!

Thank you so much I like the flooring too I always want to make that bit of the machine look as cool as possible ;) Thank you so much are you working on anything now ?

No problem!

Yes, a ball machine is in development, I hope to finish it somewhere summer 2015 but I'm not sure about that.

Oooo really I can't wait it seems so many people have ball machines in construction and everyone wants to be finished this summer hahaha ;) will it be an around the room one or a free standing one like paradox? I bet it's going to be amazing in fact im sure of it ;)

Yeah many want to participate in the contest :) It's freestanding btw.

Ooo there's a contest really so I could enter if mine was finished ? ;) what's the prize for winning? ohhh haha I can't wait ;P

It's not officially confirmed, but i suppose there will be a new contest this year just like he past 2 years.

oh is that the rods and connectors one? I think I've heard about it it sounds good will you enter it as well? Because if so I have no hope ;D

I hope to finish my machine in time, but I'm not sure if there is enough time left, I still have quite a lot to do :)

I'm sure you will be in time I can't wait ;) don't worry and don't rush it, rushed ball machines are the worst ;P

Well I'm not sure I will be in time :p But I won't rush it to be able to enter the contest, if it's not finished then I don't enter.

koolcoasterkid (author)2015-02-18

Sweet, this is looking awesome! I love this style of machine. I really like the half loop into the arm lift, and also the arrangement of the machine is cool as well, using the shelves. Can't wait to see when its done!

NorthernF (author)koolcoasterkid2015-02-19

Thanks so much your really the person who inspired me to do this I mean it can't just be you and Austron building these hey ;D Thank you so much it means a lot to me I mean I'd love for this to be anywhere near as good as convolution was but really your the master of this style are you building anything now? ;)

koolcoasterkid (author)NorthernF2015-02-22

Yea, I'm working on a new machine. I might post a video update on YouTube mid spring, but there are some pictures of it on SSCoasters.

NorthernF (author)koolcoasterkid2015-02-26

Ooo I look forward to seeing that do you have a name for it? for some reason I can't get on to sscoasters so I can't see them ;(

koolcoasterkid (author)NorthernF2015-02-26

No, I haven't chosen a name yet, but it may be a while before this machine is donee unless I finish it before the end of summer. I will be posting a update video on YouTube once I get a working circut though (within a month)

Knex2thelimit (author)2015-02-16

Part of me wants to call it 'Frontier'. Not sure why. Great job so far!

NorthernF (author)Knex2thelimit2015-02-16

hahaha you know what that's better than any idea I have so I may well call it that thank you ;) Your ball machines are really good as well I like legacy the most I like how you used your white connector flooring ;P

Knex2thelimit (author)NorthernF2015-02-16

Thanks! I really can't wait to see this when its done. I wish I had enough pieces/space to build one of those room ball machines. :P

NorthernF (author)Knex2thelimit2015-02-18

Haha me too I wish I had enough pieces to finish it all now ;D I guess space isn't really a problem for me because the ball machine only takes up a really small amount of my floor space because it only touches the floor in one place ;)

Knex2thelimit (author)NorthernF2015-02-18

I might have enough parts for a small machine, but space is an issue. There's tooth stuff in my room :(

NorthernF (author)Knex2thelimit2015-02-19

Yeah I know how you feel some people are so lucky I guess even though I have quite a lot I still want to make bigger and better things haha ;) Hmmm I see well I don't really have that much space in my room either so that's why I made everything off the floor but my last ball machine I built in a spare room ;)

Knex2thelimit (author)NorthernF2015-02-19

Insee what you mean about having it on the floor. I'm thinking of trying a small machine like this, yet the supports will probably be unconventional due to my lack of space ;)

NorthernF (author)Knex2thelimit2015-02-19

maybe you could build one tower up then have the ball machine sitting on top of that like a tree shape almost or like my white flooring on this ball machine ? It could work but it would be difficult ... Do you have a spare room you could build it in? Or even a loft or somewhere like that?

Knex2thelimit (author)NorthernF2015-02-19

I have an idea for mine, similar to Austron's subatomic paraball. I'll see how it works out, but I probably won't have enough pieces until I take Legacy down. I'm thinking two towers near each other, a few oaths near my desk, and a few that circulate my room

NorthernF (author)Knex2thelimit2015-02-19

Yh that's a good idea maybe have like the ball machine almost "coating" your desk having it going up the sides or something similar then a couple paths going round the room. Yh I know the feeling I always know I won't have enough pieces to finish my projects it would be so good if you could 3D print pieces ;)

NorthernF (author)2015-02-16

Thank you so much that really means a lot I hope you like it when its done ;)

Sorunome (author)2015-02-16

I have that same desk lamp :o

Anyways, looking nice so far! :D

NorthernF (author)Sorunome2015-02-16

hahaha no way really !!!! I can't even remember where I got it from ;)

Thank you so much if you say its good I must be doing something right ;P

Sorunome (author)NorthernF2015-02-16

wha, thanks ^.^

NorthernF (author)2015-02-16

What should I call it ? ;D

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