New Knex C Pully Shuttle Lift


Introduction: New Knex C Pully Shuttle Lift

This is the video of my lift.



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    :-/ (speechless) Wow...great idea! This is amazing. It's one of those things I would never have thought of, but now that I see it makes me wonder why I haven't! Perhaps you could make the car run a little faster; still, great concept, I likey! :-D

    This is really cool!

    Better lighting and a sped up shot of the car going around the ring will make the video a lot more watchable :)

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    That's what I was thinking too but it was too late. I could redo the video in my instructable.

    It's not that bad as is, but just for future, good lighting really helps :) If you watch my pinball machine video, there are a few sections where we were really hurting for lighting and it's really noticeable.