New Knex Concepts (#7) SS10 Shotgun





Introduction: New Knex Concepts (#7) SS10 Shotgun

1: SS10 Shotgun: 32-33F19: Uses a slingshot mech to fire 10 green rods lined up on their sides. The rods will sit between two raised edges to hold them in place. The rounds add up to about the same weight as an SRv2 bullet. I'm guessing that this gun can get 30-40 feet of range. -By Oblivitus



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    BRILLIANT!! Ive honestly never thought about this!!
    This is freaking awesome.

    Thank you, I'm glad you're back and I hope this works for you. :)

    Oh i assure you, i will make and post as soon as i get my knex. I cant wait to build this.
    Most likely the single greatest shotgun concept anyone has come up with.

    ive built a shotgun mechanism similar to this concept, although its an entirely unique trigger system, and fires blue ring buckshot. check it out please, im new so it would mean a lot

    Just left you a comment on it.

    Sooooo... It's like a crossbow?

    this is truly amazing.. dude

    Very good idea! What slingshot mech would you put on this? A ratchet?

    Yes, a ratchet will work fine.

    Cool, I might do this one!