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Introduction: New Knex Concepts Notification #4

About: I paint, write music, and used to build knex guns. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Studio Art. - updated 5/7/2014

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22F14: High Power Pump Action Revolver: A pump action that cocks a firing pin near the back of the gun with a string spun 180 degrees backwards then forwards again by two wheels. This design would be very efficient and therefore make the gun more powerful because it would eliminate bending that normally occurs in knex pump actions.
23F15: MG 210: This one works just like a baseball launcher. A full auto powered by motors located in the box labelled A. Box A will also house several gears that will be sequenced to increase speed. Large external gears or wheels will fire rounds as they drop between the gears. The magazine is gravity fed. The trigger will stop the rounds from falling out of the mag when released, and drop rounds into the firing mech while pulled.
24F15: MG 210: This drawing shows the rounds being fired by the counter spinning gears.
25F15: MG 210: This drawing shows how the trigger works by stopping rounds from falling into the firing mech.

Miscellaneous Weapon Designs
8G6: Power Adjuster: A ratchet controlled by a hand crank used to tighten the firing elastics after the firing pin has been cocked to increase the guns power. There would also need to be a ratchet release.

Ammo Feeding
9A8: Tilted Horizontal Mag: Rounds would be pushed along by an angled mag pusher. This design saves space and therefore increases capacity.



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    I am making a gun with a tilted horizontal mag. On my design,
    there is a lever which pushes the bullet up into the chamber,
    making it like a bolt action with minimal friction.

    hmmmm. I tried making that mech, but it needs to force it back to lock in place, so the trigger gets in the way of teh lever.

     gah! what with the third picture, it looks rather wrong.

     zOMG! your handwriting is the same as mine!

     no you should he is being cocky.

    Lever action? You're too late. i've already constructed a true lever action, that works. check my video...

    I've never seen the power adjuster done on a gun before.

    I'll try something like that later on... How about that?

    Not nice.

    haha Jk :)

    Also DGM, you seen my guns? i think you would be impressed.

    Nice is best to be put aside in some situations.

     lol ohkay

    still, my comment was mad over a month before yours.

    You're the second person to say that. -_-

    Oops. =P

    Still, it does.