Hello subscribers and fellow K'nexers,

A couple of you wanted me to rebuild my Mauler and I wasn't satisfied with it myself anyways. So when I got my new parts I decided to give it a try. It came out way better than my first try it still has a lot of flaws in terms of the mechanism.

Due to the short body the firing pin travels only by two connections before hitting the turret. Also the turret is a little wobbly which decreases the accuracy and power by a lot. furthermore the trigger that is on it sucks but I can't find anything better at the moment. The sights are also lacking innovation but they do the job

The looks have improved by a lot and also it is a lot sturdier than the previous one

I give credit to Beaniostrich for the turret lock: Got it from his oodavolver.

Don't ask for measurements of the range I don't have them
Also before I post the gun I'll have to improve the flaws I stated up there.
If you have any suggestions about any kind of improvement please say so.

Thanks for looking at my gun,

Can u post instructions so people can make it better
<p>Unfortunately this project is completely broken down. So at the moment no, sorry</p>
Give intstuctions goddammit its its called instruct-ables in show-off-ables. If you just want to show off put it on Facebook people like you piss me off.
Did you actually bother to read anything I wrote? &quot;Also before I post the gun I'll have to improve the flaws I stated up there.&quot; It is stated right there. As it is still a model and not a working gun I decided it was not good enough for an actual instructable, and now it is in bits an pieces. If you have any suggestions for the trigger mechanism, I'll be very happy
actually i did. if you are not going to give instructions dont bother. If you gave instructions then someone might have been able to find the problem and make a trigger
True but instructables made the slideshow option for a reason. If I ever manage to complete it I will post it.
meant instructions and not instead of in
Thanks. <br>
no prob. 5* gun dude
Lol, new ways of making a TR-18. Nice job! I like it!
Yeah that's what I thought. And thanks alot.
Your welcome.
Thanks a lot!
No problem bro!
:) <br>
=D <br>
:0 WOW!
Thanks a lot! I am pretty satisfied with it though it still isn't perfect.
So it shoots?
Yes, yes it does.
nice, what size bullets? blues? <br>
White rods. <br>
oh, nice..... good luck making it better :)
Thanks. You're my 600th comment.
This is really cool you should check out my vorganjund V2 it uses the exact same turret
Good idea. I'll check it out today.
Your welcome
Did you rate? <br>
* <br>
Nice thank you.
looks like it still needs a bit of work but still cool <br>
True and I'm still working on it.
What type or rounds does it shoot, and how many fit in the &quot;wheel.&quot;
It's an 18 shot turret and it fires white/silver/black rods (the second to smallest.)
Ah, I see...That is pretty epic.
Why don't you make it a hammer gun? Check out the WASP and you'll see what I mean. Thank me later :)
I tried but failed. maybe I'll try again.
It looks great man!

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