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Hey guys,

It's been quite a while! I was just screwing around trying to come up with something new. This is what I got, it's a top-loading mag which shoots what are essentially musket balls (black caps attached by a green rod). I made this about 6 months ago and am finally getting around to posting it. It has an opening in one end to provide the entrance of a ram. The reason it is only a concept is because I could not find a way to move the bullets through the magazine. I took it apart prior to solving this problem. The idea I now have is to attach a string to the final cap and pull it through the mag, thus pushing them all along. The reason I am posting this is in high hopes that someone can figure out a way to incorporate this into a functioning weapon.

The bullets begin in the middle right side of the mag and migrate down to the bottom left corner, then up to the top left corner. this movement allows for a high capacity stack of ammo. As to how much, I am not entirely sure because I only had enough caps for 3 bullets...

Best of luck to anyone who ventures to complete this concept.


Step 1: Left Column

This is the left hand portion of the magazine. The bullets get loaded through the top when all is said and done.

1. Overview

2. Panel

3. Build

4. Attach

5. Another view

6. Build

7. Attach

8,9. Another view

10. Build

11. Attach

12. Another view

13. Close up

14. Gather

15. Connect

16. Attach

17. Another view

18. Panel

19. Attach

20-21. Another view

Step 2: Right Column

This would be the right hand side.

1. Overview

2. Panel

3. Build

4. Attach

5. Build

6. Attach

7. Another view

8. Gather

9. Attach

10. Gather/ build

11. Layer like so

12. Insert the other pieces

12. Attach

13-16. Another view

17. Panel

18. Attach

Step 3: Bottom

This is the bottom of the magazine.

1. Gather/ build

2. Attach

3. Attach

4. Attach

Step 4: Connecting the Magazine

Here is how you put the magazine all together.

1. Gather the sections

2. Grab the left side and the bottom

3. Attach

4. Grab the right side

5. Attach

6. Grab a rubber band

7. If it's too big, double it over

8. Wrap it over the rods at the base

9. Move the rubber band to this position

10. Grab some tape

11. Tape it up

12. Here is how the tape wraps around

Step 5: Loading the Magazine

Here is how to load it.

1. Make the bullets

2. Hopefully you have more than 3...

3. Get your mag

4. The bullet gets placed up at the top of the magazine like so

5. You then push it through the trap door

6. Here is how the bullets round through the bottom of the mag.

7. Fill it up to the top

Thank you so much for checking in. Good luck with incorporating it into your gun should you choose to do so.


The Knex Inventor made it! (author)2016-06-05

Hmm, interesting concept. I will see what I can do with it.

master-splinter306 made it! (author)2016-01-22

I ought to try this AMAZING magizine!!!!!! Great job!!!!! :) ;) XD

sandroknexmaster made it! (author)2016-01-09

That's nice!

knextremist made it! (author)knextremist2016-01-09


sonic broom made it! (author)2016-01-06

Neat idea! Does the ammo break apart on impact? If it does then it would be tricky to find all the parts.

knextremist made it! (author)knextremist2016-01-09

Nope, the caps have small prongs on them which clip together and hold the ammo shut. No mess!

knexcreator141 made it! (author)2016-01-03

ive got to say this looks really cool!

knextremist made it! (author)knextremist2016-01-04

Thank you!

Linkin_J_Knex made it! (author)2016-01-03

that's a really cool magazine :) im excited to see some guns that shoot "musket ball" ammo :)

knextremist made it! (author)knextremist2016-01-04

Thanks, and me too!

TheDunkis made it! (author)2016-01-04

Interesting but yuck, cut rods. There's almost always a way around using cut rods. Otherwise, the concept is cool. Perhaps a more practical solution for a ball magazine would be a long horizontal one that runs the length of the gun or stock, but for the sake of a new concept, we don't often get ones that attempt to expand capacity so this is cool.

knextremist made it! (author)knextremist2016-01-04

You are very right in that the cut rods are a disappointing feature. I scrapped the idea before diving deeply into ways around cutting the rods. My main goal was in fact to come up with a higher capacity mag in a shorter space. "Musket balls" seemed the most fitting.

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