New Knex Guns Coming!




Introduction: New Knex Guns Coming!

Hello there!
yes, I've been non active on instructables for some time, but that's because I was working on some new guns! here they are:
the M9,
the Mini-Uzi
and the R700 (yay!)
for all guns, on the photo's there are:
the gun (duh)
and if I've made some: attachments.
and yes for the ones who want to say post!, they are all gonna be posted, but it will take time, especially the R700
I got better rubber bands, and now my bullet, with fins got to 125 METERS! W00T!
I counted the pieces needed for the R700, so you can prepare yourselves for the ible:
Dark Gray: 35
Light Gray: 11
Red : 34
Orange: 14
Yellow: 185 (glp...)
Green: 20
White: about 46, im not totally sure
3D- Blue: 14
Green: 232 (Credo, Latin for i fall dead :D, yes, i follow Latin )
White: 190 (choke!)
Blue: 50
Yellow: 4
Red: 3
Gray: 1
Tan clip: 2
Blue spacer: 6
Silver spacer: 10
Y-Clip: 14
Orange Clip (rollercoaster clip)
Wheel: 24 (not necessarily)
TOTAL: 964



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    Thanks! and yes, i did maked it as best as i could

    thanks what are the hands under our avatears

    i don't know, i think something with ibles

    yeah they made it like top trumps its awsome

    Nice scope you have there on the R700

    thanks! the front part is three quarter, otherwise the buleet will hit it, and your scope will fly off :P

    Might be better if you angled the handle, then put a mag in front of the trigger instead of the handle.

    for the M9? if so, i tried, and im still working on that one, so it might change :)