I loved this broken vanity knife. As soon as I saw the blade was broke, I instantly thought of a wafer lock pick I had. This came out rea smooth.

Step 1: Parts & Plan

I used a cut off from handle lock pick and the stub of the broken blade.

I tinned both pick and broken blade stub, clamped together, put some solder to it, and filed up the slop.

I then fit both blades by widening the handle body of the knife.

I used Silvabrite 100 lead free solder.

Step 2: ......and New Life

It came out like it was made that way. Most wafer locks are short so the stubb lenght works.

It's nice to provide a another chapter of use to a tool.
<p>Cool! Very useful for someeone who broke their pocket knife! ;)</p>
Thanks. It works well.

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