Introduction: New Life for Old Tables

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these tables came from a resale store that gives back to the community by helping people with food boxes and utility's and meds and heating in the winter .. so I take stuff they can't sell and redo it for free so they can sell it .. because they help a lot of people in the town I live in..

Step 1: Old End Tables

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first thing to do was get these old veneered mdf tops off because they had water damage and to wavy to sand with out ruining the veneer..

Step 2: Scrap Wood

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I always glue up cut offs that I have laying around or people give me.. these are cut offs from a man that built a lot of bee gums... I just done box joints on these because they were so wide.. and it was a very soft wood (sugar pine)

Step 3: Lots of Box Joints

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sugar pine is very soft and it chips out easy.. but it smells of something great.. I got these glue up and run through the planer and then glued up wider panels.. finished thickness was 16mm

Step 4: Time for Paint

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I hate to paint.. but I had a lot of white spray paint.. so I lightly sanded the bases with a worn out sanding sponge and got it over with.. the reason I painted the bases was the aprons are mdf and the legs are made of rubber wood.. so nothing matched..

Step 5: Table Tops

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got the tops cut to width and sanded.. kind of like the box joints being close to one side of the tops..

Step 6: Finished

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I rounded over the edges with a router and installed the tops with the old screws.. and applied 3 coats of gloss wipe on poly.. turned out pretty kool looking I think.. tell me what you think below.. ready for new life now..


violetsmuse (author)2017-08-24

Wow, These are beautiful! What a sweet thing to do for your community!

tlp801 (author)2017-08-23

Those look really nice. Great job!!

kooler (author)tlp8012017-08-23


OutofPatience (author)2017-08-21

Nice job!

urban wombat (author)2017-08-19

Never seen anything like that before. I love it!
Thanks for sharing dude.

MikB (author)2017-08-19

A massive improvement on the original tables! Nice job!

kooler (author)MikB2017-08-19

thank you..!!

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