Introduction: New Powerful 1800W Electric Longboard

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Hi everyone!

I decided to make a new and better electric longboard this year.

I really love this way of traveling and E-SK8 has become an addiction to me.

Boosted Board has inspired me and it's such a nice electric longboard, but so expensive (like 1500€ for the 2000W model).

Before I start I will explain some things because I didn't really want to copy the Boosted Board design.

First of all, I wanted to make an Electric longboard as thin as possible, again in this build I used separate Lipo cells and made a very thin battery pack (12mm) so people won't see it from the side that it's an Electric longboard.

The second thing is the power, I would like a longboard with a power around 1800W, The motor can handle around 2000W but I use a 6S battery so the power will be a bit lower like 1800W max peak but that's really enough, trust me ;)

The other reason why I use a 6S battery is because once you go higher than 6S the price of the ESC is so much higher like double the price for 8S or 10S.

If we talk about speed, I theoretically calculated the board at about 44km/h so I would practically guess about 40km/h. And in reality I have tested it on the smoothest road in our town and I can ride 41km/h max speed so that's perfect for me and damn, it's so amazingly fast!

The battery with 222Wh will give me a 14km ride.

I made the deck by myself and it was actually pretty easy (I thought it would be harder to make it)

All the electronics are hidden into the deck to give it a clean look.

In total I have spent like 500€ for every single part.

I think you know enough information to start the explanation how I made my Electric longboard.

!!! I'm selling this build right now to be able of making new ESK8's !!!

!!! Video's coming soon !!!

Step 1: Collect All the Parts You Need

Picture of Collect All the Parts You Need

What do we need?

SK3 - 236Kv Motor:Hobbyking

Another very good and cheaper motor is the NTM 270Kv, I had the SK3 236Kv laying around but the NTM 270Kv is more powerful so that would be a slightly better option.

120A car ESC:Banggood

This is a car ESC and runs very smooth with no problems. You can also buy a program card for this ESC which I also did and really recommend. You can change a lot of parameters like acceleration, brake, cut off voltage,... -> Banggood

Lipo Batteries:Hobbyking

I bought 12 cells of these, so I can make a 6S2P battery pack, the cells are 5000mAh so a 6S2P will give me 22.2V and 10000mAh, enough to have fun long ride.

Transmitter and Receiver:Ebay

I used this controller because there are used a lot for electric longboards and it's a pretty small one, just perfect!

6S 12A BMS:Ebay

This BMS works fine, it will balance all the cells perfectly while riding and charging

XT60 Connectors:Hobbyking

Very good connectors and the have a small lock which never came loose during a ride.

25.2V Power supply:Aliexpress

Metal timing pulley 25T:Ebay

This is a 30 teeth pulley, 16mm wide (HTD5M serie)

(btw why buying expensive pulleys and belts on special sites like sdp/si when you also find them very cheap on ebay)

Metal timing pulley 15T: Ebay

This is a 15 teeth pulley and has a 6mm bore which fits perfect on the motor shaft. (HTD5M serie)

Rubber timing belt 45T:Ebay

I bought a couple of these because if one should break I have some extra but until now no problems with my first belt!

If you want to calculate the center distance and other stuff very quickly -> Pulley/Belt Calculator (HTD5M serie)

Silicon Wire:Ebay

You will need silicon wire to make your battery, this wire is very flex and can resist high temperatures so if you solder your wires the isolation won't melt.

I used 2 meter of 12AWG to make the battery pack and for the BMS I used 2 meter 20AWG.

Motor Mount:Ebay


Choose one normal truck and another truck with one side turning service with a diameter of 18mm and a distance of 50mm, then the motor mount will fit perfect on the truck.


I had these wheels laying around but I should suggest Flywheel Clones, they are much easier to attach a pulley to them.

Bearings:Zealous bearings

Rubber sheet like 1mm thick

Bolts and Nuts

Wood and glue to make the deck

Step 2: Make the Longboard Deck

Picture of Make the Longboard Deck

Wood Glue

First I glued 3 pieces of wood together and bent them slightly.

Cutting, Drilling and Milling

After drying it for a day I cut the wood into the right shape and also drilled the holes to mount the trucks.

My father milled the deck underneath so I could "hide" the batteries and electronics in there.

Sanding and adding Varnish

After sanding the deck I varnished it to protect the wood.


The last step is adding griptape to the deck.

Step 3: Solder the Electric Parts

Picture of Solder the Electric Parts

Solder the connectors to the ESC

I like XT60 connectors so I removed the connector from the ESC and soldered a XT60 to it.

Solder and make the battery pack

First you need to know how to connect the batteries, so we are going to make a 6S battery pack.

This means 6 cells will get connected in serie which will make a voltage of 22.2V (3.7*6)

But I have 12 cells so you need to connect 2 cells in parallel, than you have 6 "packs" which you need to connect in serie. 2 cells in parallel will double the capacity and of course double the range.

Connect the BMS to the battery

I only used this bms to charge and balance the batteries. So the output power of the batteries is not lowered by the bms output because I don't use the output of the bms. This is used a lot to give the motor the full power that the batteries and esc can deliver.


I made the charger by myself but I should recommend buying the one I have mentioned in the links.

I 3D-printed a small holder to put the charging port into the front truck so it's very handy to charge the board.


I disassembled the ESC and removed the fan, I tried to make the esc thinner. I also heard a lot of users were running this ESC without the fan and it works still great and I guess the natural air cooling while riding is better than the tiny fan.

Step 4: ​Constrain the Pulley to the Wheel

Picture of ​Constrain the Pulley to the Wheel

Constrain the 25T pulley to the wheel

We have made 2 extra parts which fits into the wheel to make it strong and nicely centered.


First we made the wheels nice and round from the inside so we have also putted them into the lathe.

Both sides are around 5mm deep to put the 2 aluminum parts into the wheel.

Drilling and Tapping

After this, the 25T pulley needed a bigger bore (20mm) so it won't touch the truck axle.

Finally 4 holes were drilled through every part and we tapped M5 into the 25T pulley so the bolt isn't screwed fully through the whole pulley.

So now the hard parts are done and we only need to put everything together!


You can also buy pulley kits (mostly for flywheel clones) which is very easy to assemble.

If you search for them, just ask me I can give several links.

Step 5: Put Everything Together

Picture of Put Everything Together


The first thing I did was making a sketch on paper of the real dimensions to make clear where I'm gonna put everything.


First of all I have cut a piece of rubber to seal the electronics.

Drilling Holes

Secondly, I drilled 8 holes (M5) into the board and directly through the rubber and aluminium side rails.


After this I glued the ESC and Battery pack and the Receiver in the right position.

I didn't used a lot of glue to glue the battery, just a line of glue in the middle of the battery.

Easy to access

I made a hole into the rubber to plug in the battery into the esc and in my opinion it is a easy and clean solution.

Finally I tightened every bolt with locktite to make sure they won't come loose.

Step 6: Pictures of My Final Creation

Picture of Pictures of My Final Creation

This is a quick test I did and it runs pretty smooth!

If you would be interested to see a couple of my runs, I always save a screenshot from the runtastic app to "record" my runs on maps to view the distance and top speed and stuff like that.

!!! I want to thank Robbe Derks who has helped me with this amazing project !!!


Slow-B (author)2017-10-22

If someone needs almost all the parts, contact me via email or message me here.

thenextbigtrend (author)2017-09-12

Whats the estimated total price for this build? Also can all the parts be shipped to the U.S its a bit confusing with the Chinese eBay links.

jrfabri (author)2017-08-03

Does anyone know how to tell me any of these ESCs would work for this project?

bartroosen (author)jrfabri2017-08-12

They are both max 4S Battery, I don't say it wouldn't work but the minimum to make a durable built is 6S.
otherwise you need to pull a lot of amps out of the esc.

AlexNeedsAName (author)2017-07-20

Great job on this longboard! It's pretty sweet. I love how you have a pocket recessed into the deck for your electronics. I've been planing a build for a while and I'm been wondering if anyone could give me some advice on the parts I've picked.

Thanks man!
Everything looks good exept the 25T and 12T pulley.
I have also used a 12T before and it was skipping while braking/accelerating so I would really recommand a 30T and 15T pulley.
This will keep your topspeed around that 45kmh.

All the parts came, but I'm having a lot of trouble soldering the lipo cells. The solder won't stick to the tabs no matter what I do. Do you have any advice? Did you use a special iron or solder or flux? Thanks!

Never mind, I got it working. The trick was a 65w soldering iron with a chisel tip and some 63/37 solder. I had been trying to use a cheap 25w one with some lead-free radioshack solder.

JohnC430 (author)bartroosen2017-07-23

flying on your long board at 45 kph sounds awesome. if the longboard strikes a big enough bump, do u think it will launch you at 45 kph?

AlexNeedsAName (author)JohnC4302017-07-23

The top speed will probably be lower than 45km/h because of friction and other losses. Even if it is 45km/h, I won't ride that fast until I get used to it since I have never ridden a longboard :P

Topspeed on flat roads is 40kmh and the time I went 45kmh I was going down a bridge, full throttle and sudenly I crashed.
I always track my runs and the speeds are very precise.

JohnC430 (author)bartroosen2017-07-27

so what happened to you when you crashed? why didn't you elaborate? after all that was the reason for my comment. flying low at 45 kph.

bartroosen (author)JohnC4302017-07-23

I felt only 2 times until now. The first time (40kmh) I felt with my first build due my brake because they were programmed at 100% so insane braking power when riding 40kmh so I felt pretty hard.
Next fall was also with my other build (45kmh) because there was a tiny cable from the trees which laid over the bike pad VERY dangerous, damn I felt so freaking hard.
Really everything I carried with me was broken (phone,bag,jack,clothes and big wounds).
This build is really much better and smoother and I'm more carefull these days ;)

I see you got some 83mm flywheels, the 30T will be perfect. I'm making the same for my next build.
I slightly changed the 3D parts to fit the pulley and stuff like that so if you want the 3D file let me know ;)

Thanks for the reply, I'll switch those pulleys out. If you could upload those files that would be awesome.

DominikH18 (author)2017-08-08

Really cool built! Is it possible to get the schematics of the wooden board?

jrfabri (author)2017-08-04

Does anyone know the dimensions of the wood veneer?

Does anyone know how to tell me any of these ESCs would work for this project?

jrfabri (author)2017-08-04

Does anyone know the dimensions of the wood veneer?

jrfabri (author)2017-07-31

Does anyone know the dimensions of the wood veneer?

jrbums (author)2017-07-26

I don't know much about longboards, but this looks like a beautiful build. Nice work and write up!

bartroosen (author)jrbums2017-07-27

Thank you very much!

ColinH4 (author)2017-07-13

Brilliant project and write up, with the BMS being 12A does that not present issues as it would only give you roughly 266w of output.

JohnC430 (author)ColinH42017-07-23

12 Amps is consumed by the motor. thats what the motor requires from the battery. it is not the capability of the battery.

bartroosen (author)ColinH42017-07-13

Hi thanks!
I don't use the bms output to power the esc, The esc is directly connected to the battery to give me the full power I need :)
I only use the bms to charge the batteries and balance the cells.

ColinH4 (author)bartroosen2017-07-13

Thanks for the reply, i did wonder if that's the way you were doing it. I'm currently about to start a build but on the ubber cheap using recycled cells so may need to use the bms on discharge also, shall try and see.

rocketberger (author)2017-07-21

Anyone else having problems with the links to the parts?

Nirmelamed (author)rocketberger2017-07-23

sadly i am too.. they also dont work if i open them all at once.. i need to go into each link and wait for the ad to appear and finish. if i try opening them all in different tabs and going into each tab separately it doesn't redirect me to the right address.

If its possible to send me a private message with the links I would appreciate that a whole lot! thanks!

if you want i can maybe send you some money over paypal for the links

kai.h (author)2017-07-21

Great instructable - good photos, clear instructions and detailed steps. But seriously dude, please lose the links. Use affiliate links if you feel the need, but after clicking on two links I'm done waiting 10-15 seconds per link just to get to the linked page. in particular is pure garbage. They tried to hoist malware on me, falsely claiming that there is an essential update for my Flash Player (that's funny, I don't even have it installed). I downloaded it to scan the dmg and sure enough the "Flash Player" was instead the AceInstaller which contains Genio adware

Do you want to be responsible for installing malware and unwanted software on people's computers?

You'd be doing everyone a favour and it would if you went back in and edited the links to point to the actual destination site. As it is you're dragging yourself down by association with just to get a few extra dollars.

ClaudioK3 (author)2017-07-20

Really nice pics electronics and motor in motion
Super, Thanks for sharing your nice work and photos how to build skyboard,

bartroosen (author)ClaudioK32017-07-21


Redjeep0 (author)2017-07-20

Nice job! If you rebuild this, or build another, maybe you can add to the stealth by routing a channel for the wires between your layers of wood, and bring them up into the truck housing? Obviously would have to do that before glue up and ensure no glue goes through there...or have the wires in place during glue-up.

bartroosen (author)Redjeep02017-07-21

Oh yeah I know what you mean! Damn that's a really good and clean idea! Thanks!

Slow-B (author)2017-07-20

Very nice and weel-built job!
This is the best way that I've seen so far to hide the batteries!
May I ask you a few questions about the deck? How thick (Without the batteries, etc...) and long did it ended up being?
Thanks in advance!

JoshuaBedford (author)2017-07-20

Great Job! I would love to see a video on how this rides (acceleration, braking, etc.) and would be cool if you had a friend with a Boosted board or another high dollar one and did a video on the comparison.

One major thing I request you change about this and/or future instructables: dont use I'm operating under the assumption that YOU earn money per click somehow, but what I would recommend is finding some affiliate links to make money. It made me wait 10 seconds for each link I clicked (while looking at the page) which is quite annoying.

Overall, great project. It looks very clean and well-built! The Boosted Board ($1500) even has two protruding housings on the bottom of the board. You hid yours well.

bartroosen (author)JoshuaBedford2017-07-20

In our city me and my friend are the only one riding an esk8 and we have almost the same boards.

I have no riding video's yet of my new longboard but rode around 100km on it and it rides so much better than my previous build, especially the esc is much better.

It's hard to make video's and I'm scared to film with my phone while riding because previous time I felt against 45kmh going downhill and my phone, backpack, jacked broke and a lot of wounds, so I'm a bit scared but I have a few video's of my friend's esk8. I will try to share them ;)

JoshuaBedford (author)bartroosen2017-07-20

Videos are indeed difficult! I've begun making and learning them. You could do well with this board if you did make a video. If you weren't 5,000 miles away I might even offer to help you shoot a video! Keep designing, I followed!

bartroosen (author)JoshuaBedford2017-07-20

Haha yeah that would be awesome!
I have uploaded every video I have at the moment of riding our esk8.
They are in the same folder were I put my runtastic logs so everybody can see the video's :)

JoshuaBedford (author)bartroosen2017-07-20

Very nice! In the future, a big help to videos is rotating the phone sideways. Then you can have a widescreen video and upload it to youtube. Just mute the video, place some music in, and show some various things about your board!

MatthewD6 (author)2017-07-20

I built a similar project and I like that you used the flat single lipo cells to make your battery pack, instead of a prebuilt pack. My battery is so bulky, I'm wishing that I had done that instead.

I would make 1 suggestion to anyone looking at this build, instead of the 1mm rubber sheet, a mouldable plastic like Kydex would protect your batteries a lot better. A pierced lipo cell will really ruin your day.

bartroosen (author)MatthewD62017-07-20

Yeah that's true the cells can be very dangerous!
If they get punctured they are dead and can catch flames so you can always protect them a little bit more than what I did.
I'm thinking of placing some thin hard plastic underneed the rubber.

bratan (author)2017-07-19

Very slick project! Any issues with dirt and sand getting inside motors?

bartroosen (author)bratan2017-07-19

Never had issues because dirt or rocks came into my motor.
Also rain was no problem at all, the only thing is that the board and your legs will be dirty as f*ck if you drive through rain or wet roads.

pepemanboy (author)2017-07-19

I love it! Just one question. Does any issue arise while driving because of powering only one wheel from one side? If so, how did you overcome it?

bartroosen (author)pepemanboy2017-07-19

Hi, yeah a lot of people are asking me this but if you're cruising forward there's really no problem at all.
Only if you take a corner you lean to one side so in my case if I take a corner to the left the powered wheel will not have that much grip so it can slip.
But I almost never accelerate when taking corners so really no problem with 1 motor.

ossum (author)2017-07-19

This is the nicest looking electrics skateboard I've seen, the "stealth" look is incredible, I bet you get some looks when you're cruising uphill without any effort ;-)

Good luck in the comps, hope you win something, you have my votes!

bartroosen (author)ossum2017-07-19

Thank you so much! I really appreciate nice comments :)

Yeah I made also an esk8 for my friend and we are the only 2 in our city with an esk8 so everyone is always watching when we are cruising :D

Thanks for voting! I really hope to win something nice because I feel that I can never stop this hobby, maybe after a few months my new esk8 will be finished and then I will try to sell this one ;)

ossum (author)bartroosen2017-07-19

I'm sure you will win something!

I know what you mean, once you start with this kind of hobby you just keep wanting to improve. I'd love to build one myself but I would break my face for sure... although... if I got it on video maybe the youtube views would make up for it ;-) I think I'd better stick to designing RC cars for now!

GuthrieM1 (author)2017-07-13

Great build! Just a heads up, you don't want to over discharge your battery cells so I would honestly recommend powering the motor off the BMS (unless the BMS has some sort of cell protection that doesn't require you to use the output from it).

bartroosen (author)GuthrieM12017-07-13

The bms will not power off the battery when they are below a minimum voltage but the esc has overdischarge protection, so if the the voltage is lower than 3,2V/cell the esc will turn of and the battery can not be drained ;)
I did some test runs and also cruised until the esc stopped because of the low voltage and the power cut of around 19,5V so that's perfect.

IlyaPl (author)2017-07-13

Hi. Amazing build.

I'm trying to follow the links to the parts but all the links take me to website... can you please double check or paste the whole link instead of hyperlinking words.


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