New Psk ( Persona Survival Kit)


Introduction: New Psk ( Persona Survival Kit)

About: Please comment And give ideas. About anything about survival. I love to learn about it.

So I found this old game boy case and though about a survival kit. This one I slip in my backpack and take it with me. I JUST put this together so I need feedback. What to add and take away!? Please comment!!!

Step 1: The Case

Step 2: Shelter

I have 3 big garbage bags an some duct tape. I would make a lean to and use some of the cordage. I label it for quick access

Step 3: Medical Kit

Same pouch the shelter was in and behind it i have paper and a pencil. A sharpie and a flashlight. Just basic medical stuff plust dental floss
I have a paper yowl and cotton around it.

Step 4: Repair/ Signaling

It he blue thing has a whistle, compass, mirror, mini ferro rod and a compartment.
I have wire, duct tape, nails, needles, and safety pins

Step 5: Fire!

I have a bunch of strike anywhere matches and a candle. Also a strip of cottons and cotton balls. No ferro rod yet but I want to get one. There are none by us and there expensive. Any ideas where to get them and cheap?

Step 6: Knives

I have a small leather man and a butter knife that I put on the grinder. also 2 of the metal saw blade knives. It's not the best but it works

Step 7: Random

I have three pieces of tinfoil. Some gallon sip lock bags a lot of this rope that is pretty strong. Some wire, zip ties and extra batteries

Step 8: Title

I have a bright orange bandana with a mini survival kit. It is the size of a altoids and has a lot of stuff. Also a life saver. It tastes good

Step 9: Done

So what do I need and don't. Thanks to you I may be able to survive. Please post yours and see what others have. Make sure it's not a altoids or a whole backpack
It is compared to a pencil here

Step 10: Survive

Good luck surviving. I made it soo it is not to big that you don't want to take it with but not too small that it doesent help.



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    cool! a souped up toiletries bag

    please follow me anyone

    someone please follow me

    Nice but you must also try to get an emergency blanket and two of those paracord bracelets instead of the wind up rope cus its saves more space. But still great instrucktables

    Thanks samcro I had a brain fart :/

    No. One gallon is 2.2 litres. If you use a water purification tablet, they only purify one litre. There is still 1.2 litres not purified. Get a 1L bag so you can confidently use the tablets. I bought 50 tablets at Canadian tire for $10.

    1 reply

    actually, one gallon equals 3.78L. just FYI :-)

    I would change the flashlight into a head lamp. It 's about the same weight and size, but I find it more practical to work with, because you can keep your hands free. I keep it around my neck while sleeping so it is always at hand.

    Well done!

    Thanks guys! Arn't the gallon sip lock bags the 1lb bags? Where is a good and cheap spot to get purification tablets

    Just need some water purification tables and 1L bag. Great job!

    Nice! I think everything you have is pretty good already!