Picture of New Rocket Powered Matchbox Cars! - Extreme!
First of all my inspiration for this project came from zjharva. This is a new version of Rocket Powered Matchbox cars with video! Now you see what they really do on rocket power! I used Hot Wheels cars but I felt they really needed to be called Matchbox because of what were about to do to them!

Step 1: What you need!

Picture of What you need!
First of all you will need a package of Estes A10-PT model rocket engines. You can find these at most Walmart store, hobby shops or other stores that carry model rockets.
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sethcim4 years ago
Can you add information about the track / guidance system please?
EthanR2 sethcim8 months ago

it string man!

teknohawk2 years ago
You cannot build the igniter. It is a Estes rocket igniter. For $5.00 you can find them at almost any hobby shop. To make your own, you can (safely) build a fuse to go into the engine, or salvage some Nichrome wire and hook that up to a battery-It gets HOT because of it's great resistance applied to the batterys voltage.
comodore7 years ago
How did you ignite the rocket? How did you make the electric igniter?
cj8675 comodore2 years ago
I get 2 20 foot pieces of wire with alligator clips on one end clip the clips to the fuse and touch the other ends of the wore to a 12 volt cordless tool battery
estab comodore7 years ago
you don't make it you buy it
apologun estab3 years ago
can i use A3-3T or A10-3T instead of A10-PT?
comodore estab7 years ago
Where can I find it? Thank you!
estab comodore7 years ago
hoby store that sells rocket cars
do you mean a hoby store that sells estes rockets or a website that sells estes rockets? i have never seen a hoby store that sells official rocket cars.
yea that one
comodore estab7 years ago
OK, Thank you!
I opened one up once and I'm pretty sure it's just 4 AA batteries in series. No circuitry.
are model rocket engines allowed in australia?
Yes, but you need to get them from hobby shops and they are quite expensive.
yapoyo3 years ago
I did this with a C6-5 a few years ago and the car almost flew away! I los the car, but a few hours later, i found it about half a mile away from the launch site!!!
Lucifeba3 years ago
Its so COOL!!!!is so fast I love it :D
build523 years ago
we did that but we did't do the string and we also lost it
asarris4 years ago
Awesome, modded your design with 500 yards string and 3 stage rockets, (used bigger car of course) for the stages i used a simple stopwatch that had (2nd stage .4 seconds and stage 3 which had 2 rockets on side at .8 seconds) clocked speed at 210 miles per hour :D destroyed the car afterwards and forgot to video it :c but it was fun. (for the stopwatches, when the initial current comes i sautered a wire so that it activates start and then another wire so that instead of beeping it activates the stage, sorry for long comment.
well about the rocket car, you could put 3 engines on top of eachother and then use 3 stages. Stage 1 would be connected to stage 2 with a piece of fuse string, and the same would work with stage 3. Or you could get a big ballon of hairspray or butane and have another fuse connected to that.

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doodleninja4 years ago
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phobos_0014 years ago
phobos_0014 years ago
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Friscky5 years ago
Could you just strap a bottle rocket on to it? Just wondering.
hunter11255 years ago
interesting. did you ever try adding a bigger rocket "engine" to a bigger car like a pinewood derby car? that might work pretty well.
knektek5 years ago
Put the car facing a ramp!
Ha this is awsome!. i did a similar thing but with a g 52 rocket moter on a rc car.
nbagf5 years ago

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