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Hello! My name is Damien and I need a new room.  All my old furniture is baby stuff that I have out grown and I need a new space.  Right now I sleep on my parents old mattress on the floor and though it is a blast to jump on, it takes up all the space in my room.  So I decided to color you some pictures to show how I would like my room to look!  Please read the Image Notes to find out about all the things in my dream room!  Thanks for reading and please vote!


Sk8ty (author)2015-06-14

i love the back wall with all the square !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

caseygibs (author)2011-09-18

Also i love the wall design! im 20 and i want that

Kaisei13 (author)caseygibs2011-09-18

Thank you so much!! The wall took many hours and 4 rolls of 1" painters tape, but it was all worth it. Maybe I should post an instructable on that.

caseygibs (author)2011-09-18

fantastic IKEA instructable:) i smiled the whole time. I vote for you Damien lmao

sunshiine (author)2011-09-16

I loved the swing! Thanks for sharing.

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