bajablue (author)2012-02-04

Beautiful work!

triumphman (author)bajablue2012-02-04

Thanks bajablue, can I eat at your place, damn can you cook! I bet even your rattlesnake is yummy!

bajablue (author)triumphman2012-02-05

As long as I get to observe your woodworking skills, you've got a deal! ;-)

lol... whole grilled Rattlesnake really can be so delicious! It's all in the secret, overnight buttermilk-garlic-pepper marinade. ;-P~

triumphman (author)bajablue2012-02-07

All I need is a rattlesnake. None nearby, only copperheads and garter snakes. Right now they are hibernating! Sounds like a good deal. I get yummy eats and you get woodworking skills. Sounds fair to me! I just made a six drawer cedar band-saw box from one of my downed Cedar trees. All it needs is some finish and green felt to line the drawers. My woodshop keeps me out of trouble. Maybe another instructable.

bajablue (author)triumphman2012-02-11

Seriously gorgeous work.

Here's a cyber-grilled rattlesnake for you. ;-)

triumphman (author)bajablue2012-02-12

Is that a for real rattlesnake on the barbie? Yummy!

bajablue (author)triumphman2012-02-12

Yeppers... and I ate the whole thing. Rattlesnake tastes a lot like chicken! ;-D

triumphman (author)2012-02-07

do you have a translator? I can not understand your comment.

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