Picture of New Storable from Six-Pack Bottle Carrier
For years I’ve stored my knitting needles in a freezer-sized Ziploc bag. While functional, it’s admittedly an eyesore and hardly the stuff of my organizational dreams.
Aiming to live up to my CheapChicCrafts handle, I scoured my apartment for a recyclable I could spruce up to supplant the plastic bag.
I found a cardboard six-pack beer bottle carrier I’d recently emptied of its contents that held all my needles nicely. Add to that a stack of Anthropologie catalogs I’ve been meaning to use, and I had my latest instructable project.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Cardboard six-pack beer bottle carrier
Magazine/catalog pages you won’t mind cutting up
Glue or glue stick

Step 2: Cut out Magazine/Catalog Images

Picture of Cut out Magazine/Catalog Images
I didn’t measure the dimensions of the carrier. Who’s got that kind of time? I merely cut out as many images I thought would suffice to cover the outer surfaces of the carrier. Keep the scraps though. You’ll need them in the next step.
I wanted to keep everything in the knitting family and only chose images of Anthropologie’s knitted items. Who knows, they may serve as inspiration when I reach for my needles.

Step 3: Cover Corners and “Difficult” Areas

Picture of Cover Corners and “Difficult” Areas
Using the magazine/catalog scraps and your glue or glue stick, cover the corners, folds, and handles of the carrier.

Step 4: Cover Front and Side Panels

Picture of Cover Front and Side Panels
Using the wonderful images you’ve chosen from your magazine or catalog, cover the front and side panels of the carrier.

Step 5: Tips

Picture of Tips
Magazine pages can be thin and prone to ink-bleeding. If using glue, be mindful of not slopping the image cutouts with too much liquid. Doing so will make the final product look messy.