New Breech Loading Turret Rifle





Introduction: New Breech Loading Turret Rifle

my new turret rifle design i made it in about 2 hours


beach loading
removable turret
pin guide
true trigger
good sights


white rod only in turret
bit flexible where the pin and guide are

cant think of any more off the top of my head so thanks for loking please comment rate and subscribe =)

this gun will e posted on the 24th december 2009 as a chritmas present to all of the knexerson the site  but the v2 will be posted looks better than this one




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    29 Discussions

    this gun is just a serious good idea !

    on this nway we can build amazing guns , with turrets in the middle of the gun , like the usas12 .

    keep going ;)

    5* ( because the idea )

    1 reply

    thanks ma this is my 10 th atempt probably of this type of gun ive tried over the past year to do it and now once ive posted this im going to try make a replica with this type of turret but yes thanks again for the raing

    How is this a breech-loading turret rifle? It has a front-loading turret, that you can remove to load a few rounds through the bottom. Breech-loading guns load in through the back of the gun.

    Someone made a real breech-loading gun once, but KI is being upgraded by a team of highly trained monkeys right now, so I can't grab you a link.
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    ok mainly its a turret rifle but you can add some rounds in the side i thought it was a breech but hey we all get things wrong

    thought about making something like this, a break-action turret gun, that had 2 triggers, 1 to spin the barrel, and 1 to shoot, i never got around to doing anything with the idea though

    2 replies

    Something like that seems rather easy, Zak did something like that before his ZKAR, but he never made a trigger for the lever to spin the barrel, I suspect he was gonna do it if he finished.

     Wow thats cool-so the turret feeds into the barrel of the gun?  I was waiting for someone to make something like that.  I like how you can also take off the turret and make it a normal breech loaded gun.  Great work 5*+faved.  Whats the range?

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    thanks for all that and the range is 25-30 with white rods in the turret and around 30 - 40 with the breach and yellow rods 

     Ugh-thats the thing about white rods.  When are you posting your aa-12?

    i wont be now it was not that good any way and now ive taken most of the body apart to make the stock on this gun better i dont think i will but i will post this gun definatly for a cristmas presants to people

    uhm adding strengthening to the gun
    it looks a little unsturdy

    (but what do i know??? lol its your gun :)

    btw i rated 4 stars


    well i need to change the stock for mor strenthening but apartfrom that this gun is really solid and thanks for the rating