Introduction: New Year Card for the Year of Dragon

new year card for the year of dragon(龍)

It is the year of dragon this year in Japan. (Maybe in Korea, China also?)
So I made a new year card that represents 龍, kanji (chinese letter) of dragon.

I made it with a Japanese Hagaki (100*148mm postcard),
but it is scalable because it is vector data.

It would be better to use CraftROBO (
but you can try this with your hands also!

Step 1: Open the File on a Vector Drawing Software

I uploaded a pdf/ai file,
open it with a vector drawing software, Adobe Illustrator etc.

(If you use an other software than Adobe Illustrator,
I guess you should download the pdf file.)

At CraftROBO setting, you need to set
solid line for the layer 2 (black lines forming 龍)
perforated line for the layer 1 (red lines)

and if you use a Japanese hagaki (100*148mm postcard),
ignorance for the layer 3 (black lines that is a rectangle same sized to the document)

if you use a card over 100*148mm
solid line for the layer 3 (black lines that is a rectangle same sized to the document)
(you need to cut 100*148mm card from your card)

Those who try this with your hands,
please cut the black lines and perforate the red lines.

Step 2: Cut It!

Those who cut 100*148mm postcard with using CraftROBO,
it is kind of difficult to find the place on the mount where the card will be cut correctly,
you firstly need to test the place with other cheep papers.

And here are some images of a cut card,
I guess you should not fold it before delivery,
because it might be torn while delivery by a sorting machine or something at post offices if already folded.

I put a masking tape to prevent that.

By the way, I'm studying English,
please tell me and correct something wrong on my instructions when you find it! (^o^)/


vanminh6551542 (author)2014-12-28

It's a interesting gift for NewYear

micraman (author)2012-01-06

Hey thats really nice! Its the year of the dragon here in Singapore too!

yuichirose (author)micraman2012-01-19

Really, I didn't know that! A happy new year!

micraman (author)yuichirose2012-01-21

Happy new year!

RollerScrapper (author)2012-01-07

This is so cool and it makes me wish I had a craft robo!



Craft Robo is really good.
If you can use Adobe Illustrator, it is very easy to use.
Also, there is some free softwares like these :)

It seems craft robos are sold as the name of 'Silhouette' in other countries anyway.

artfulann (author)2012-01-07

Thank you! I am an art teacher in Houston, TX and am currently teaching about kanji (in an art way because I don't speak or read Japanese)-- this will fit in with my lessons perfectly! I also just talked about kakizome on Jan. 2- did you ever participate in this?

ps you mean ignore rather than ignorance

and if you use a Japanese hagaki (100*148mm postcard),
ignorance for the layer 3 (black lines that is a rectangle same sized to the document)

yuichirose (author)artfulann2012-01-19

Glad to hear that!

Usually in Japan, elementary school students MUST do kakizome as their winter vacation homework.
I have not participated a kakizome taikai(meeting) but I did kakizome at home at every Jan 2.

Thanks for correcting also!

Kiteman (author)2012-01-04

That's really effective, well done.

(You mean "crease" or "score" instead of "perforate".)

yuichirose (author)Kiteman2012-01-05


Thank you for correcting also.

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