New Year's Eve Wedding Clock Sign-in Book!





Introduction: New Year's Eve Wedding Clock Sign-in Book!

New Year's Eve Wedding Clock Sign-in Book!
When is the best time to post something for a December 31st wedding? I decided, it's now.

If you are planning a big day for the future...this is a fun idea!

I was able to make this for my cousins wedding that was last New Year's eve.

Step 1: You Will Need:


Blueprint copy of giant clock face

1/4 inch thick board for mounting (mine is reclaimed!)


Scissors, spray adhesive, double sided tape

Spray paint

sponge and light brown ink

Step 2: Make the Print

First I designed the clock face in photoshop.
Then sent it to Office Max online. Selected a big blueprint in black and white!

It was $10.
I unrolled it and cut it out.

Step 3: Board Time!

I used a thin 1/4" board that I reclaimed! Yay!
And traced a big circle on the wood.

Then I used a jig saw to cut the wood out.

Okay, my husband did it. But I could have.

Then we rolled it gently on the cement to "sand" the edges!

Step 4: Paint and Glue

Next I spray painted the outside border black...and let it dry.
See the snow? Don't miss that!

Next I used spray glue and some double sided adhesive.

I used adhesive in 4 sections and then sprayed the whole wood circle with spray adhesive.

A little at a time...and then slowly roll and smooth the paper over the wood.

Step 5: Distressing and Display!

Next I used a sponge and some light brown ink and added some distressing.

It's awesome!
It is ready to write on and add well wishes for the happy couple!

Easy to set out on the sign in table and looks great!

What do you think?
Fun idea for a sign in book, right!?

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Brilliant! Great idea...thanks for sharing :)