New and Improved Snake Hook





Introduction: New and Improved Snake Hook

I took my old home made snake hook and fixed it up into this. The hook is part of a paint roller, and the handle is a copper tube. Duct tape holds it all togeher, and although I am yet to try it in the field, it works with my 3 foot long cornsnake, Maize. My previous instructable on it was very bad, so sorry. I did not make a step by step, but it is simple enough to figure out on your own. I use rubber surgical tubing wrapped with duct tape to pad the hook, to protect the snake.



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    is that a real snake or your pet snake.?

    He's my pet Corn Snake

    What do you mean by "trained?"

    he won't bite when you go near him or anyone else right?

    ummm the keywords say its venomus is that true?

    train a snake, roflmao

    Why did you put more duct tape on it after you spent like an hour pulling all the old duct tape off?

    to pad the hook. it is only one layer.