Introduction: New Antenna for Sony Ericsson GC83 Wireless Network Card

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Make a new antenna to replace the one I'm sure you have broken off inside your card. This one will not break and does not cost $30. Sorry about the crappy pictures.

Step 1: Remove and Disassemble Card

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Take to card out of your laptop and remove the SIM card. Use a small screwdriver to release the metal tabs along the sides and take both of the metal covers off. You may have to pry the tabs out of the sides of the socket, carefully.

Step 2: Where to Connect New Antenna

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Examine the socket that your old antenna fit into. On the side or the card where it is soldered in you can see where the outside of the antennas plug fit in and also a contact in the center that came from the center pin of the antenna (the part that is now broken off inside the card and impossible to remove, due to a horrible design).

Step 3: Solder New Antenna Wire On

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Find a nice piece of thin 2 conductor wire, I cut one off an old PC speaker. Strip the contacts at slightly different lengths to avoid a short. Solder the center conductor to the center contact on the card, solder the other conductor to either of the outside conductors.

Step 4: Reassemble

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Put the card back together making sure the new antenna wire is routed so it all fits. The antenna wire should go out the old antenna hole, I broke off all of the old socket's fingers to give clearance.

Step 5: Install in Laptop

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Install the card back in your laptop and route the antenna along the side. Cut the wire to length and make sure the conductors are not shorting out. I taped mine along the side of my laptop with electrical tape. It seems a little cheesy but holds it flat and is hardly noticable. Best of all I can now slide it into my bag without fear. Signal strength seems to be at least as good as with the original abomination.


Caferacer (author)2006-05-11

I've been using this setup for a few weeks now with no problems, length does not seem too critical. I've be using it for the last week non-stop while at E3 in LA and have been getting full bars and no dropped signal, a lot better then I was getting with the stock antenna.

vgid (author)2006-04-30

BE CAREFUL... I think the antenna has to be resonant (cut to a specific lenght)... Its been awhile since Ive messed with radio but I think you have to cut the antenna to a specific lenght or you may damage the transmitter (I am assuming the device uses the antenna for transmitting)....

jstech (author)2006-04-29

It'll work better if you cut the ground side shorter than the antenna side (which would be the center pin). This is because putting the two right next to each other means they both receive (almost) the exact same signal, and so cancel each other out. If you want to get really fancy, you can find antenna designs on the internet. At 2.4 GHz, a wavelength is 12.5 cm.

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