Introduction: New - Improved : Homemade Fisherman's Boots, Waders, Wellingtons/wellies for Walking in Water

Picture of New - Improved : Homemade Fisherman's Boots, Waders, Wellingtons/wellies for Walking in Water

Hello again. Here is my another idea, when it comes to HOMEMADE boots to walk in the water.

Maybe you have seen my first instructable I think it's good, but not long lasting. That's why I came with this idea.

Again, it is very cheap ... less then 1GBP :)

Step 1: What Do You Need :

Picture of What Do You Need :

You will need these items :

1. foil (for green houses)
2. iron
3. cardboard and normal paper
4. wood
5. knife
As in the first instructable about waders ... you will need some "Crocs"v as well - to put on this boots.

Step 2: Let's Do It ...

Picture of Let's Do It ...

As first, fold the foil in half ... here you should decide, how high will the boots be and what size.

Step 3: Prepare Wood ...

Picture of Prepare Wood ...

Prepare the wood for ironing = place the cardboard paper over the wood.

Place the ends of the foil over the cardboard paper.

Step 4: Cover It ...

Picture of Cover It ...

4. Cover the foil with normal paper.

Step 5: Start Ironing ...

Picture of Start Ironing ...

Start ironing ... my iron was set on MAX ... and I was ironing between 10-15 seconds.

Be careful, do not use the iron to long, because you will burn the foil and end up with a burned hole in your new boots !!!

Step 6: Finish

Picture of Finish

You should end up, with something like this. As you can see, you will create 4 edges with this technique.

Use your knife to cut the remaining foil.

Step 7: Final Product...

Picture of Final Product...

And here is the final product - your new waders :) ... DO NOT forget to put them inside the CROCS, so your feet and the foil are protected from sharp object at the bottom.

I tested them, and they work perfectly. Later, I will post a picture, in the water (because there was no one, who could take the picture today).

Thank you ...


kathynv (author)2010-02-10

These look as if they would work best in water that was no more than knee-deep, where your original waders look as if they work in water that is quite a bit deeper than that.  Besides, these aren't quite as, um, fashionable as the originals.  Better keep both on hand, just in case!

Thanks for cheering up my morning!

lemonie (author)2009-10-04

I like the technique, I've got some sheet that'd go right-up past the knees, but nothing that deep to wade in... L

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