Here's my newest knex gun that has the power of a "not a rectangle" and the comfort of an assault rifle.

Also it's big and beastly.

easy to handle
fires like no other ,can pierce a hard cover book and 20 pages.
short re-lode time

Only has 8 shots with will change in the near future.
a bit hard to cock at the moment.
no fore grip since the last mod will change soon enough

pppppppppppoooooooooooosssssssssttttttt please
If you tried really hard I'm sure you can build it off these pics.
i can build nearly any gun i see on a slide show if i can figure out the gun's trigger system
yeah i know but im lazy
What exactly dose that name mean?. Cool gun though.<br />
plz post dude PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(you know i want this gun)<br />
DAMN&nbsp;!!!&nbsp;GREAT&nbsp;GUN&nbsp;!!!&nbsp;<br /> <br /> PLEASE&nbsp;POST&nbsp;!!!
I builded it! It`s realy powerfull,and get EASILY 60feet! <br />
that's sweet I was able to design a bolt for the ram so it's easy to cock it.<br />
almost looks like a highly modded one of my pistols<br />
POST<br />
What incentive would we have to build this over a TR?<br />
Umm.... Because it looks freaking awesome?<br />
<em><strong>P0$T</strong></em> <em><strong>P0$T</strong></em> <em><strong>P0$T</strong></em> <em><strong>P0$T</strong></em> <em><strong>P0$T</strong></em> <em><strong>P0$T</strong></em> <em><strong>P0$T</strong></em> <em><strong>P0$T</strong></em> <em><strong>P0$T</strong></em> <em><strong>P0$T</strong></em> <em><strong>P0$T</strong></em> <em><strong>P0$T</strong></em> <em><strong>P0$T</strong></em>
post! 5*<br />
This is The Awesome knex gun in my live!<br /> i will build it the next week!
thats if he posts it i have seen this gun in the early stage its a lil complex<br />
I took all that crud out it was ruining the power. It broke a lot and just didn't work.<br />
I think i can make it from the pics
You should post , lots of people will build it.
Nice! I will build if you'll post!!! 5*
WOW its really changed since i saw it<br />
Can't wait to see those mods.<br />
Awesome. 5 and faved<br />
Sweet gun are&nbsp;you posting?<br /> 5*s<br /> fave <br /> already subbed
I'm prolly gonna post. thanks.<br />

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