New Knex Gun by TBM NKG-BM-3.1


Introduction: New Knex Gun by TBM NKG-BM-3.1

Here's my newest knex gun that has the power of a "not a rectangle" and the comfort of an assault rifle.

Also it's big and beastly.

easy to handle
fires like no other ,can pierce a hard cover book and 20 pages.
short re-lode time

Only has 8 shots with will change in the near future.
a bit hard to cock at the moment.
no fore grip since the last mod will change soon enough



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    Ok, let me clear this up for everyone. The NAR and TR shoot the same distance with the same number of bands. The NAR can handle more bands without breaking; therefore it can shoot farther. 

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    Actually if you put 2 bands on each the TR is more powerful.  I used a NAR with 2 bands and it went about 40 feet.  The TR went about 50-55.

    The NAR is a very bad gun with 2 bands on. The only thing that makes it powerful is the fact you can put as many elastics on it as you want. The barrel generates a hell of a lot of friction.

    Actually it's not the friction. It's the fact that the ball joint absorbs a lot of power that reduces range a bit.

    I know. 1 band shoots only 20 feet lol.

    We are talking about flat ranges.

    I can hardly believe that.  The bullet would flop at around 65 feet and fall to the ground.

    Its true. I tested it earlier, It shot nearly 60-75 ft.

    Okay. Glad to here it from you bakenbitz. I'll delete my comment. Also Have you seen my new guns lately? Thanks :)

    the original TR model is over a yr old however the most recent updates were pictured less than a month ago
    the TR is an evolving project that continues to get better w/ time
    just thought id clear that up
    no offense and i do find all project including yours relevant to making new better guns in the future
    so keep up the good work

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    can you make it not look like a stick with 2 branches tho?

    Oh no don't worry I LOVE your TR, I just think that its really old but I like your guns.

    If you tried really hard I'm sure you can build it off these pics.