Repeating Assault Rifle




Introduction: Repeating Assault Rifle

Hello, This is my first knex gun.
I really did my best on it
It is a short slideshow
Its really strong and it shoots pretty far
Hope u like it.

U can give some names if i think its a good one, ill rename it.



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    Nope but, i am making another gun but im atm asking Seleziona for his mech for the trigger :)

    Ok. Just looked like it from the top...

    There are 2 blue rods sticking out :P.

    I assumed those were used to reset it...

    Lol i dont play halo so idk :P.

    cool only the trigger could have some help. 4.5*

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    Yeah i know,
    It isnt really good but i didnt knew how i could changed it.

    Thanks, i changed the really long name.

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    Not a bolt action.  Just call it a repeating assault rifle.

    The Trick Rifle or TTR  (followed by cool numbers)

    Your first suggestion!

    Not bad at all.  Just make something up, or title it something that describes it.

    not bad!