Picture of New life for old Android


So, just to inform you, my native language isn't English so sorry for some misspelled words.

In this turtorial I will show you what can you do with old android device which you don't use anymore.

You could probably sell it, but where's the fun in that?

I'm using older Alcatel T10 tablet( single core 1.0ghz cpu, 1 gb of ram, 7" tft display), but almost any android powered device with a screen would work.

I've got it when it wasn't working( problem with charging) for 100kunas( around 18$), fixed it and started using it.

But after around 25 seconds I realized it wasn't really usable because it isn't quite stable(apps closing etc.)

So I was wondering what to do with it and ended up making it very good Clock/Media player/Online radio/Email notifier/Weather station/Photo frame, and it all works simultaneously.

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Step 1: Quick set up

Picture of Quick set up

So basicly, tablet is connected to a stand by hot glue, and with 3.5mm audio cable connected to old pc speakers.

They are not great but are still quite usable.

I used some double sided tape to secure it in place so it doesn't move when using it.

If you have a working charging port, things are even more easier, because you don't have to solder anything.

And that's basicly it for a set up.

Next, I will show you all the apps I'm using to make it work.

raza5146 months ago

How do you get it to charge now? Have you directly connected the charger to the power inputs on the tablet?

kresimir1993 (author)  raza5146 months ago

I opened the housing, and searched for charging pin. Then I located the positive and negative part of pin, and soldered 2 wires on it(it was quite difficult to solder on such a small part of motherboard). I used the hot glue to hold everything in place, and now its connected to original charges by wires as shown on picture.

jayzirl7 months ago
Very nice instructable. Well done on breathing new life into an old gadget. Good job.
DustySeven710 months ago

just a tip for longer battery life is to NOT use live wallpapers. they significantly drain battery even with the screen off

kresimir1993 (author)  DustySeven710 months ago
This is true, it is because smartphone needs to use cpu more often.
But keep in mind that the tablet from this project is connected to power supply all day and screen never shuts off, so battery is always on 100%, and not a problem. :)
drchimpy10 months ago

This is fantastic, i have an old blackberry tab that is near unusable that I might do this on.
Great stuff!

kresimir1993 (author)  drchimpy10 months ago

Hope I will see some pics of your project if you do it :)

Also, I was searching the web about what to do with older bb9780 (it's locked on another network and has few small dots on display) but I couldn't find anything usefull. Any suggestions would be appreciated :)