Restoration - New life out of a busted 1930's radio conversion


Step 6: Speaker installation

Picture of Speaker installation
Because this was a MONO radio it only had one mount and hole for a 8" paper cone speaker. 
I removed the mount, made of plywood and enlarged the hole so that two speakers siting on a shelf behind the hole could fire out of the enlarged hole. 

I will be using a stereo amp so both speakers will be used. You can just use one if you want to go that route. 

I had an older set of Bose bookshelf speakers in my closet, most any type of speakers could be used, you just need to match them to your amplifier, you could also use a good set of computer speakers...

I started by making a particle board shelf for the speakers and attaching them to this shelf with wood screws. I also put felt between them to ensure that they didnt rattle. 

This was mounted in the base (see the second picture) using wood screws. 
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