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Introduction: New Removable Mag Idea

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My best gun i've built so far. If enough people want me to post i will but it won't be within a week of me posting this cause of exams =0 =(
Also i don't want anyone telling me this is trash because i spent a lot of time on it. Here is my topic on detail of how the mag works. 
normal range 40-50ft
awesome new removable mag idea
super sturdy
new look

not my bipod
no scope or sights



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    I did this a few years ago, sorry :|

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    not really, yours still needs a stick for a pusher which was one of the main ideas here

    That doesn't change anything - you weren't the first to do that either.

    i guess i wasn't clear, my goal while making this was to make a removable mag that doesn't have a stick out, which led me to this. also on the third picture you see the hinges on the mag, which can also be used for other non-removable mags like this one (pic) my mag includes all these things and uses rods for the rail while yours uses connecters just at the top for the railing, srry for the long comment :(


    ya, a LOT better than my other guns, but what do you think i could improve on for my future knex guns

    Well if you would use this mag in a future gun I would probably add it on the bottom of the gun. I would also make a mag release. A pin guide would probably help with the range and power. Those are just some ideas. You're doing a great job. Just keep a building!

    In my mind, if you have the pieces use them. Just tell what parts are necessary so if a builder doesn't have the parts or doesn't want you use the parts they don't have to. But a lot of people like look over function.

    Says the maker of the AR-4 and like weapons.

    That was 2 years ago... I don't do that anymore. Just look at my blueprint pistol.

    not bad =D