In this article i will discuss a few new secret rigs that work great along with some classics and even a few old forgotten rigs.

Step 1: Wacky Rig

The Wacky Rig
       The wacky rig is a somewhat new pro trick that involves a weightless circle hook and a 5-7" Senko style worm.

Rigging instructions     
1. fold a standard senko in half
2.push the point of the hook through the middle of the senko
3.slide the senko up on the bottom the shank ( straight part)
4. If extra weight is needed two headless screw can be put into the ends of the worm

Fishing instructions
     The wacky worm should be fished slowly across light cover with a jerky twitchy movement. You should use a Medium-heavy rod with 12-17 lb test. Mono-filament or braided line work best in murky waters, but fleurocarbon should be used in crystal clear water.
I also find mister twister rigs work quite well.
better pics, please!

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