Hey guys i made a new slide action for you guys so chequ it out and i hope you will make a cool knex gun with it have fun and plz no rude comments o and ps this is my gun that i made base on my slide action thing lol and no sry im not making an instructable of it cause it only goes 20ft max ;p so ya. It looks like a uzi

Step 1: The Slide Action Thingny.

Its kinda cool :-D)

Step 2: Oh Ya and a Clip If You Want It Its for This Modelle and It Shoots Bb's.

Its kinda easy...
good for a gun made 5 years ago
check out my knex butterfly knife<br /> <br />
not to be a nit picker but it looks more like a micro uzi than a normal uzi
yea i didn't knew micro uzi existed ty for sharing
common mistake ---- just rember the normal uzi has a more long look and normaly has a non-extended mag( it doesent stick out ) and the micro uzi nomaly has an extended mag( it does stick out ) XD<br/>
haha kk cool
you could easily confuse a MAC-11 for a micro uzi, a micro uzi for this knex gun, a mac-11 for this knex gun, and a uzi for a micro uzi! <br /> <br /> nostalgia, anyone?<br /> <br />
true trigger?
havent used knex on a year or two. how does a true trigger work if i was to make a gun with one. thanks
make like snipers. put a bloack trigger and a grey conector on it. do a randome trigger conected with nothing. put a string to your trigger and ure blocking trigger greay hole peice.
well thnks. that seems to be the easy way to go about it. i only have about 500 pieces right now but i have 1300 more on the way. cant wait to build something badass
hey i only had about 300 pieces but then i bought 5000 on ebay so i can now build pretty much anything
if u want i have 2 sefgestions of knex gun with true trigger?
sure i am always open to ideas.
a really cool and great gun. <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Mx8FN-scar/">https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Mx8FN-scar/</a><br/>at this web in the description their is a website. Go their. U should have a gun.<br/>now go back to my website and i did some cool upgrades. Make THEM .<br/>
u make it look like it true trigger ha
pleaz post i don't care how far it goes and i know how to make it go further
lol its all destroyed im not doing knex gun any more now im paper gun.
o and b4 this gun shooted 6to rarly 20 feet that was me rec.
does this gun work?
yeas but im not posting the gun. only the design so other ppl could use it
2 blu bits on each white rod or 1?
? 1 >?
Plz plz plz post man
i like the slide idea. i'll mod it tho.
the way you spelled chequ should be cheque for spelling, and for grammar, check. a cheque is a piece of paper used on banking
sry im french so for me its cheque. or regarde
Shhhh. I've known that. Don't tell anyone else. XD
oh cool delete what does xd mean
Too late, they fixed the self rating error. :(
i know this sucks
XD is a laughing face. Lol.
oh now i feel like a dumb as*
Have you seen all 3 of my instructables? Check them out!
ITs a bit of a mess... There are better slide action pistols out there.
Lol. you said the same thing; "Its a bit of a mess", on my instructable.
Yeah, well, this one is more of a mess.
Dude i didnt post my gun i only post the slide action thingny.
Even worse :-(
Lmao u and ure 5cent comments...with ure giny pig!!!
You spelled Guinea wrong.
Looks cool. I will build!!!!
That's a sweet avatar.
whats the idea supposed to be?
A new kind of slide action pistoles.
this is the pic missing.

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