New Slide Action Knex Pistol Idea!!!





Introduction: New Slide Action Knex Pistol Idea!!!

Hey guys i made a new slide action for you guys so chequ it out and i hope you will make a cool knex gun with it have fun and plz no rude comments o and ps this is my gun that i made base on my slide action thing lol and no sry im not making an instructable of it cause it only goes 20ft max ;p so ya. It looks like a uzi

Step 1: The Slide Action Thingny.

Its kinda cool :-D)

Step 2: Oh Ya and a Clip If You Want It Its for This Modelle and It Shoots Bb's.

Its kinda easy...



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    common mistake ---- just rember the normal uzi has a more long look and normaly has a non-extended mag( it doesent stick out ) and the micro uzi nomaly has an extended mag( it does stick out ) XD

    you could easily confuse a MAC-11 for a micro uzi, a micro uzi for this knex gun, a mac-11 for this knex gun, and a uzi for a micro uzi!

    nostalgia, anyone?

    havent used knex on a year or two. how does a true trigger work if i was to make a gun with one. thanks

    make like snipers. put a bloack trigger and a grey conector on it. do a randome trigger conected with nothing. put a string to your trigger and ure blocking trigger greay hole peice.

    well thnks. that seems to be the easy way to go about it. i only have about 500 pieces right now but i have 1300 more on the way. cant wait to build something badass

    hey i only had about 300 pieces but then i bought 5000 on ebay so i can now build pretty much anything