New Sniper Mech




Introduction: New Sniper Mech

hay guys this is my new sniper mech it is not full completed yet but its almost there

for the instructable ---



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    A gun I Built a while ago.

    We cant even see the mech you have in there at all.

    The trigger is obviously pulling something straight down and I see a long barrel for the slingshot part of the gun.

    just because your gun is a slingshot doesnt mean this has the same trigger. I cant see what kind of trigger is in that gun at all.

    put the rubberband in place so it wont fly off

    unlike the other people havnt seen this before bu i dont lok at every gun i looks gun 4 stars

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    comment up there is totally messed up so it looks good 5 stars

    dang! this is good but its so simple. your just the one who thought of it first and for that, I reward you with 5 blue stars

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    What dj said. Plus: It isn't very strong....

    I like it But I have seen it done before (not on DGM's gun, you cant see the mech there)

    i love it! i might actually make a sniper with this mech! you shall....................................................P0$T!

    wow looks like a pretty good mechanism

    I like this mech better than the one on the SRv1, good job.

    cool i ve seen somthing abit like this before good tho