Mums of newborns don't have much time to spend on sewing but this really simple costume means you can complete it between feeds. I managed to finish mine in an afternoon!

Step 1: The Hat

I used a hat that I knew fitted my child to help measure the size that I needed for the snail hat

Step 2: The Body

Remember to make the snail body longer than your child as it tapers in at the end

Step 3: The Shell

Sew the bottom of the shell to the top of the snail body piece. It doesn't need to be neat as no one sees this bit

Good job it looks really nice :D))
<p>very understandable Ible and lovely design. I would even dare to try it out with my limited sewing skills. </p>
So sweet
<p>That is so cute. And nice nursery setup.</p>
Thanks. I'm going to add tutorials for the rest of the nursary when i get a chance ?

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