Improvement on Bad Donuts gun. Such as a trigger. I thought of the idea while in class when my friend said we needed to put a trigger on it, so I did, and it turned out pretty good. Watch video too.

Step 1: Items Needed...

- 1 BIC pen and cap
- 2 BIC mechanical pencils
- 4 or 5 rubber bands
- Knife
- Drill
- glue (optioinal)
cool! =)
&nbsp;how far does it shoot?<br /> <br />
i cannot see the pics
stop picking on him its porobably just the camera remember not all of us are as spoilt as you
rock on<br />
im lucky we dont hav searches and i made 1 that stuck in aceiling tile and a hunk of 2x4
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I get how this works but then it's justsemi-automatic. Apart from the pics. they're just good enough to see thepoint but no fine detail. I want to make a semi-automatic pen gun thathas a obvious trigger on it and a detachable magazine. Magazine: gravityfed. Cocking mechanism: some sort of lever system that pulls the firingmechanism then releases it on the spot. I also have partially perfectedthe art of plastic molding. Used the tech to make <strong>my </strong>own semi-auto pen gun. It just turned out to be suckish. Range: 15 feet<br />
Great idea... but try to make better pictures aiight?
these photos r very unclear and dim and bla bla bla!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wow great concept and instrutable but i works with just 2 mech pencils
and no trigger
how does this work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cant u just make a hole with the knife?
do u make 2 lil holes like shown or actually drill big holes?
this is tight i will try it out now
Nice,but it would help if you took clearer pics of your Instructable..10/10 ~DEZIRE @(>_<)@
...dont look at them like they are not so clear pictures...they are those rorshack pictures... you know the ones where you are asked what do you see in this picture... and in this picture... lol
Lol..I think i see a-a-a-an elephant?
really??? i saw a rocketship.
all right I'll try when I have the time
its not automatic! ...unless if you mean you can make it really fast...
LOL I know the pics suck but I don't have a better digital camera lol
Hay it worked great after a few brainstorms... So i think you should show the picture of the cut mechanical pencil so people know how long to cut it. thanks, Muffinboi
don't mean to be offensive or anything but your picture are as good as my paintings! do you know how to use macro? any apart from the pics sweet tut
where is the trigger???
K thanks =)<br/><br/> ~DEZIRE @(&gt;_&lt;)@<br/>

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