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Introduction: Newest Gun

I'm back

I've been inactive for a while and I wanted to post something. This gun has been around for me for a while but I never had a sturdy handle so I didn't want to post it. The trigger, I just took from a previous gun I had made: 

Instruction will most likely be made if asked. Now for the Pro's and Con's

Range: FAR (I can't give you the exact distance in feet but it goes at least 60)
Looks: It look swell don't ya say?
Sturdy: Oh yea
Reliability: The trigger is one of my best, so it's pretty good
Accuracy: Sometimes it misses but most of the time it is pretty good
Comfortable: Handles really good but could use a stock

Stock: This gun (obviously) doesn't have a stock so it's kinda wierd
Mag: REALLY needs one

Well that's about it so leave a comment about your opinion and make sure to follow me for high quality work if you already haven't :P



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    Looks amazing. I also agree with DarkOwlproductions I love single-shot pistols. Please post if you find the time.

    Didexo, I've always had a thing for single shot pistols; I don't know why, but I love them. Whenever you post a single shot pistol like this (Like Your 'Side Project 3' or Your Custom Pistol), it's just so awesome. I feel like people have downgraded single shots as these noobish weapons. I don't think that's true in the least. Single shots, like this one, get just about the top ranges for a Knex gun, (60 feet in this case) and are generally quick to reload. Keep on posting things like this; it fuels my Knex Single Shot Gun 'fetish.' :3

    Yes, I feel like they are under rated also. Simple=Good.

    Nice! I like the sizing of it although as you siad it does need a mag. Maybe a handle mag? I'm not sure, but it looks great!

    ahh dang it! I never can remember the spelling of that! Good thing I probably had my last writing class this year. ( All math and engineering from here.... )

    Exactly what I was thinking. Yay math....

    Me too, yet for some reason the carrer I want to get into is heavily math based. I start calculus next semester.