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Introduction: Newsboy Peak Cap Style #2

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I used the pattern out of my Creative Knitting magazine July 2007 issue. I have been seeking a newsboy peak cap pattern for the past 3 months and all this time it was overlooked until the other day when I was searching for an unrelated pattern and came across this pattern in my mag. I was ever so happy!!! I used the yarn that is calls for: Caron Thick and Quick 3 balls. The pattern came out just like the picture. I made this hat for a family friend. I hope she likes it as I just finished it and have not given it to her yet. The pattern was very simple. I would suggest it to anyone who is looking for a hat style like this one. You can usually order back issues of magazines for a small fee. The pattern is a Carol International exclusive pattern but unfortunately it is not listed on the Caron website as I have just checked that out.



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    It's so pretty; I love it! Great work; I wish I had the patience to make one!

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    Terrific job. I absolutely love this hat. I went to the Cretive Knitting Mag. website but am unable to locate how to order a back issue. Any suggestions. I have 2 daughters in their 20's who are into hats and scarfs and they both would love this one. Again it is absolutely beautiful.

    To MicheleJ7: Great Job! I recall a picture of Olivia Newton John (of the Grease Movie Fame) wearing one of these hats in a photoshoot. You look very much like that photo. Its a pleasure to see young adults like you doing something constructive, instead of sitting in front of a TV or some other non-productive activity. Keep it up! Your gift will be treasured and admired for a very long time. Guaranteed! Thanks. As ever, Triumphman.

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    awe, sweet thanks. especially thanks for the young adult comment felt like I was still in high school for a minute.

    Nice job! I like it, it looks like a beret (kind of). Berets rule! I can't find mine though...