Step 2: Knitting the Peak of the Hat

I knitted the peak of the hat in K.1, P.1 rib. You start out with alot of the stitches and then decrease gradually and then to mirror the other side of the peak you start gradually increasing back to the full number of stitches.
Cool, thanks for posting an Instructable too! (By the way, this has to be in Slideshow format to be in the contest.)
I did make a slideshow and entered it. I just couldn't figure out how to take the instructable off the contest. Do you know how?
Nope.. A lot of people are having problems on that. I guess you can just leave this in there, but when they do the picking for the contests and stuff, they won't pick this, they'll pick your other one (hopefully.) because it only accepts Slideshows.
thanks. You are like the instructables guru.
Nah, I'm just a big fan!<br/><br/>The people who are really awesome are <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.Instructables.com/about">these people. Give them a great round of applause!</a><br/>

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