How to open a bottle with a newspaper!! Newspaper bottle opener. Truely Amazing newspaper bottle opener. With the newspaper bottle opener trick you can win some money or beers! Use a newspaper as a bottle opener and win some beers. The Newspaper bottle opener will impress anyone. Make a bet with this bottle opener and make money. Newspaper bottle opener. Find this bottle opener Trick at: http://easybartricks.com/newspaper-bottle-opener.html and more bottle opener Tricks at http://easybartricks.com Bottle Opener - Amazing Bottle opener.
I've definitley gotta try this... when i turn 21(damn)
 hahaha 18 here in AU
 16 in holland Haha.
you can drink at whatever age in my country because if someone does call, it takes the police about 20-30 min to get there
21....LOL move to holland and get drunk when ur 15 XD ( legally 16 but who needs ID)
Hell, there's chicks at my school that look twice as young as me and they get into clubs, get drunk and get smashed! I <em>choose</em> to obey the law, they choose <em>not</em> to obey the law. But it's not my position to judge so I digress...<br/>
Don't obey anyone<br />
There's some girls who know how to live!
corona tastes like piss.
or you can do that for a favor when one of your parents ask you to open a beer bottle for them
i cant get it to work
Cool!!!! Im gonna try that with my uncle. He loves magic tricks<br /> Takk!/thanks! :)&nbsp;
-.- wtf all the videos with bar tricks are gone
Sounds like a personal problem.
wow nice trick................... really hard to figure out at starting but when u started folding the paper..............;) i knew what was going to come. well i use the table instead of the newspaper.. just put the bottle cap on the corner of the table and hit on ur hand viola u got it.................... thanks for the trick once again....♥
Not bad... I've always done the same thing with the non-business end of a lighter.
I just hope you don't smoke it! (X-X)
I gotta try this, nice job. ;-) Looks super easy too.
Great trick, great application! Makes me think of the Millwall brick:<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Millwall_brick">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Millwall_brick</a><br/><br/>One of the reasons I usually have a newspaper with me when I travel. Protection AND entertainment!<br/>
I gotta wonder, do you have some template that you just input the title into every space?
What a great newspaper bottle opener trick. Newspaper bottle opener. Newspaper bottle opener tricks are quite great. Bottle opener - newspaper. LOL newspaper bottle opener.

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