Newspaper Bottle Opener





Introduction: Newspaper Bottle Opener

How to open a bottle with a newspaper!! Newspaper bottle opener. Truely Amazing newspaper bottle opener. With the newspaper bottle opener trick you can win some money or beers! Use a newspaper as a bottle opener and win some beers. The Newspaper bottle opener will impress anyone. Make a bet with this bottle opener and make money. Newspaper bottle opener. Find this bottle opener Trick at: and more bottle opener Tricks at Bottle Opener - Amazing Bottle opener.



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    I've definitley gotta try this... when i turn 21(damn)

     hahaha 18 here in AU

    you can drink at whatever age in my country because if someone does call, it takes the police about 20-30 min to get there

    21....LOL move to holland and get drunk when ur 15 XD ( legally 16 but who needs ID)

    Hell, there's chicks at my school that look twice as young as me and they get into clubs, get drunk and get smashed! I choose to obey the law, they choose not to obey the law. But it's not my position to judge so I digress...

    Don't obey anyone

    corona tastes like piss.